This week we talked about Internet law and the things you need to know about with your web business.

Our guest was Douglas R. Griess  of Dymond Reagor Colville and he specializes in Internet law.

This was a very informative show because one of the most important things that came out of it is whenever you put your “shingle” on the internet, you are making yourself liable in the same way that a normal brick and morter business makes themselves liable.  Because it is so easy and so inexpensive to put your shingle out there on the Internet, anyone who wants to sell their book, or their knitting patterns is now out there on the Intenet and they really don’t have an idea of what they are making themselves liable for.

Some of the questions that were discussed were the following:

1.      What is internet law?

2.      On what areas of law should an internet based business be focused?

3.      How is an internet business different under the law from other businesses?

4.      What are the unique risks facing an internet company?

5.      How does one go about setting up a legal entity for internet business?

6.      How does one go about identifying and protecting their intellectual property assets on the internet?

7.       what are the basic steps an internet business should take to protect their intellectual property assets?

8.       Should internet businesses that link and/or refer to each other formalize such a relationship with a contract?

9.       What you should do if someone is defaming you via email or on their blog.

If you want to reach Douglass and have more questions for him, here is his contact info:

phone:   303 793 3400