On our strategies show today, we discussed web design and how that can affect the success of a website.  Some of the topics covered were Flash design and what are some of the best practices with using flash and when you should avoid using flash.  We also spoke about the difference between web design and web programming.

An important focus of the show was the importance of information design and strategy.  That is the concept of how you are presenting your information to your visitor.  How are you doing your navigation, how are you speaking to your target audience, an what kinds of graphics are going to support your message.

One of the most powerful concepts of the show was how we as website owners really need to design the site for our target audience and we sometimes forget that fact.  A great example that was mentioned was really understanding the kind of Internet connection your target audience would be most likely to have.  If most of your audience is still on dialup, then your site can’t be filled with huge graphics and sound files because your visitors will leave long before they ever get a chance to see your site.

Many other topics were covered as well and the file will be posted shortly.

Our guest speaker was Matt Weeden of Matt Weeden design.

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