In our radio show titled “Integrating Online and Offline Marketing”  we had a guest who is very knowledgeable in how to integrate the two and how to get the most bang for your buck.  She is Dana Jessup from Ariete Consulting and  for some background info:

Dana Jessup has been a small business owner for over 12 years and knows what it takes to develop marketing on a shoestring budget.  She has also worked in the marketing departments of large corporations, developing and implementing high budget marketing plans.  This unique perspective allows her to provide Ariete’s clients with effective marketing ideas that they can implement and track themselves.  She partnered with Alexis Gradishar and formed Ariete Consulting in order to give small businesses the advantages of large coporate marketing strategies at affordable prices.

The questions we covered on the show are:

1. What are the benefits of online marketing?
2. What are the shortcomings of online marketing?
3. What are the benefits of offline marketing?
4. What are the shortcomings of offline marketing?
5. How do you effectively combine the two?

6. How do you track your success?
7. What do you need to prepare before you begin any kind of marketing?
8. Why should you choose a target market?

We got into so much detail in answering these questions, that there were still 2 other questions that we didn’t have the time to answer.

Listen in on this show.  I especially liked our conversation about target markets, and the importance of how to choose one.

Dana also gives a free marketing assessment where she will go over just where you are in your marketing and what you are lacking in.  It is a great picture to see where you are on the map so you know what direction to move into.

Dana Jessup of Ariete Consulting

Dana Jessup of Ariete Consulting

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