Well, now that the stores online workshops (sales pitches) have come and gone through Denver, what are they about?  I am actually writing this because I received an invitation along with the many thousands of others in the Denver Metro area.  It has been many years since I attended one of these seminars.  The information they cover will be more up to date, but the format and purpose will remain the same…  sell you a bunch of web sites.

These types of seminars are very good at making the online success seem very easy.  When you get home and then a few weeks later, after you’ve had a chance to be with your web sites, you will see that what you received at the seminar was really the WHAT to do and not the HOW to do it.

Well, using the concept of the upsell, after you realize that you may be in over your head, you will get a call from the company offering consulting packages which will teach you the HOW to do it.  These consulting packages sometimes range in the thousands of dollars.  This is a cost that most people don’t really take into account because of course, they don’t talk about it at the seminar.  It has been several years, so I don’t know if they offer more affordable packages today or not.  However, at the time they offer you a consulting package, you are a motivated buyer.  You’ve just put a chunk of money into a bunch of web sites, and now you will need to do something with them.  If you don’t know how to yourself, you will be very tempted to take the consulting packages.

Those that do know what to do, will find themselves using another solution, or are already on their way to creating success with their web sites.

In any regard, can the stores online work for you?  Well it has worked for some.  If you are one who hasn’t really understood what your own personal motivations and belief systems are, then it may or may not work for you.  This could be an expensive way to discover that you just really don’t want to put the effort into being your own boss, and are actually quite happy just working for someone else.

Anyway, this is a small opinion piece.  If you have had experience with any of the Stores Online products/services I would love to hear them!