On this show, we had Lars Hilse as a guest, and  covered a number of very informative topics about how to expand your business to International markets and some very quick and more inexpensive ways to do that.  On our radio show, we get to the main purpose of taking your online business international and tapping into new markets.

Some of the topics we covered on the show include:

Question 1: Why should companies go international through the web in the first place?
Question 2: What possibilities are there to set your business up international?
Question 3: What do you mean by that?
Question 4: Translating the whole operation sounds expensive – would the indirect search engine campaign be less painful budget-wise?
Question 5: From your experience, what are the main motives for internationalization you’ve experienced in the past? Is there an outstanding example?

The discussion opened up some interesting  as well as little know aspects to the relationships between the international markets.  The levi’s jeans example was give to show the opportunities that are available for US online entrepreneurs to create more profit opportunities.

About Lars Hilse:

Lars Hilse is a globally recognized web strategist and (e-)market penetration & customer care specialist. He has successfully completed assignments in Europe, North America, The Middle East, and APAC countries. He just published his first book “Adding the E to your Business Strategy” which contains a most interesting chapter on Internationalization through e-business. http://lars-hilse.de/go/recommended/