In this show, I covered the topic of using teleseminars to market your product or services.  I covered the different kinds of teleseminars that one could do to market their product or service and how they can benefit from giving a free teleseminar.

In this show I cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: What is a Teleseminar
Question 2: Why would I want to use them to promote my business
Question 3: What kinds of teleseminars can I have
Question 4: What kinds of services do I need To Host a teleseminar (free) & Paid
Question 5: How Should I run a teleseminar
Question 6: Should I record the teleseminar?
Question 7: How can I monetize a free teleseminar (gain clients) (sell products)
Question 8: What kind of followup should I have? (should I sell the recording?)
Question 9: How do you market your teleseminar?

Listen in for more on how to use telesminars.

If you are a beginner, check out this resource on how to do teleseminars:

For a really good teleseminar service worth the investment if you do teleseminars on a regular basis, check out this teleseminar service:

This is a great place to promote your teleseminars: