This show discusses the tax implications of your online business when you are doing business within the State of Colorado. Listen in to where you can find more information and the schedule of free classes.

In this show, we interview Caron Notarmuzi of the State of Colorado.

Caron Notarmuzi is the Taxpayer Service Division Trainer at the Colorado Department of Revenue. Caron conducts many “live” classes every week for business owners in Colorado, those who prepare sales/use tax returns for Colorado businesses, and out-of-state businesses doing business in Colorado on the laws surrounding sales and use taxes. There are many different class offerings since some laws only pertain to certain businesses/industries.

Some of the questions that were covered include:

Question 1: Are all businesses required to get a sales tax license for sales in Colorado including those who only sell via the Internet?
Question 2: Do businesses only need one sales tax license for all sales transactions that take place in Colorado?
Question 3: Do businesses collect sales tax when deliveries are shipped out of the state?
Question 4: How do businesses get a sales tax license and what are the fees?
Question 5: What sales tax rates are applied to sales tax transactions in Colorado (i.e. what is the “point of taxation” in Colorado?)
Question 6: Are all sales taxes collected remitted to the Department of Revenue for all jurisdictions?
Question 7: How do businesses figure out what their combined sales tax rate is for their business and is that rate applied to all their locations if they have more than one location?
Question 8: What resources are available to the public?
Question 9: for out of state companies how can they find out
Question 10: What to do if you haven’t collected sales tax.
Question 11: When are the Sales Tax Classes?