We had Doug Griess, an lawyer who specializes in Internet law, of Dymond, Reager and Colville LLC.  The FTC recently has changed some of its rulings that affect anyone that has a website.  It is important to get to know that these rule changes are and how they can affect you.  If you sell a product or service online, whether it be your own or others, you will want to listen to this show and know just what knds of things will be red flags for the FTC.

This is part 1 of the FTC rule changes…  you’ll certainly want to listen to this episode as you could almost certainly be affected.

Below are some of the questions we answered on the show.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the FTC?
Question 2: Why did the FTC make the changes?
Question 3: What are the rule changes in general?
Question 4: When do the rule changes take effect?
Question 5: What kind of websites will be affected by the rule changes?
Question 6: What are the key concepts for understanding the rule changes?
Question 7: Where the rules evaluated, critiqued before they were adopted?
Question 8: What are the any positive effects of the rule changes?
Question 9: Do these changes apply to persoanal and business sites?
Question 10: Does this apply to voice testimonials as well?
Question 11: Do these rules apply to International Sites?

Here is some more info on the FTC Guidelines.

Listen in using the link below.