This weeks episode, aired on January 20th 2010 discussed the requirement for business owners to really connect to their target market.  The level of connection you have with your target market is directly proportional to the amount of income you can create from that target market.  So what does it take to connect with your target market?  Our guest this week Alecia Huck of Maverick and Company shares with us some powerful tips on what we can do to get a strong connection with our target market.

Listen in and we discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What are the biggest mistakes people make in their marketing efforts?
Question 2:    What are the most effective strategies you’ve found?
Question 3:    What are some good rules of thumb for developing marketing materials?
Question 4:    If you’re trying to get more referrals, what are some good strategies for that?
Question 5:    Is giving an incentive a good way to get referrals?

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