In this show B. Hopkins interviews Matt Dombrow of Clixo about Pay Per Click strategies and some of the mistakes business owners make when creating a pay per click campaign.  Pay Per Click is a form of Internet Advertising that can create instant traffic to your web site, and when implemented correctly, can create a lot of revenue for the web site owner.  It as a form of online bidding for the position of your ad, and most of these types of ads can be found on the major search engines.  On this episode, we discuss, strategies, mistakes, and other specific questions about search engine marketing.  Listen in for the answers to these following questions.

Question 1:    What is the secret to successful search marketing?
Question 2:    What is the hottest trend in search marketing?
Question 3:    What types of results should people expect from search marketing?
Question 4:    What are the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a search marketing agency?
Question 5:    What elements of search marketing do people drop the ball on?
Question 6:    What can listeners do to ensure they get the help they need when hiring an agency?
Question 7:    Are there any resources or tools you recommend?
Question 8:    If someone is just getting started with search marketing, where do they begin?
Question 9:    What are your thoughts on social media?
Question 10:    What blogs or other media do you pay attention to?
Question 11:    who tracks the conversion of the leads
Question 12:    How do you feel about providing some value first on social media as a criteria to get involved?

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