In this show, I cover how to get multiple uses out of the web content that you have created.  Just because you have written an article, or have done a blog post, doesn’t mean that’s the end of it…  No siree!  you can do multiple things with the content that you have written once already.  Using your content multiple times will allow you to get more exposure to your web site,  grow your business, and generate more income.  This show, fewer questions were answered, which allowed me to answer them more in-depth.  The topics covered were the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content?
Question 2:    What forms does web content come into?
Question 3:    What can I do with web content?
Question 4:    What are some of the benefits of re-purposing web content?
Question 5:    Can I use other’s web content?

Listen in for more insights to repurposing web content.

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