This weeks episode I interview Reid Peterson of Growth In Harmony who talks about keyword research and how it can really make a difference in your web business because you will rank better in the search engines and get more search engine traffic.  Reid and I discuss some of the strategies that will help land you in better search engine position.  Listen in as we discuss the following:

Question 1:    Where do I start?
Question 2:    What’s a long tailed keyword?
Question 3:    What should I look for when doing keyword research?
Question 4:     How important is it to have keywords in my domain name?
Question 5:    What free tools can I use for keyword research?
Question 6:    How much does the order of keywords matter?

Question 7:    What should I do if my website doesn’t have good keywords?
Question 8:    once I decide on my keywords…where do i enter them?
Question 9:    what is the consequence to put keywords into your content that isn’t even in the content?

These questions and more were answered.

B’s Bytes covered “How to get Links to Your Website” – Listen in for the answer.


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