I this weeks show I discussed managing the online brand with David Sandusky of Your Brand Plan.  With the changes in the Internet, and the growth of Social Networking, it is more important than ever to be aware of your online brand and begin actively managing your brand.  David and I discuss some very interesting and important topics regarding online brand including:

Question 1:    What is a definition of ‘brand’
Question 2:    What is the best way to take classic brand management online
Question 3:    What are some of the best benefits of online brand management
Question 4:    Should every brand have a presence online
Question 5:    What are some potential pitfalls of having an open brand online
Question 6:    What are the best tools for online brand management

Listen in for more:

In B’s Bytes, I discuss How to convert traffic into buyers.

One of the methods is to be smart about where your sending your traffic from.  Your traffic has to already be interested in your product or service, and then more perfectly, be interested in your product or service at the time they are on your website.  Listen in for the rest of this answer on how to get your traffic interested in your product or service.

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