Mobile marketing has given businesses a new dimension in marketing their products and services.  With the rapid rise in popularity of smartphones like the iPhone, or devices like the iPad, mobile marketing has become more than just making a web site friendly to mobile devices.  The field has become wide open, and only those entrepreneurs who venture out first and stake their claim will be the ones who can ride out the wave.

On the show, Jeff Finkelstein of Customer Paradigm and I  discussed some important questions regarding the emergence of a new market with the popularity of devices such as the iPhone and the iPad and other smartphones.  We covered why it is important to have an app for the iPad as opposed to the iPhone, and what kinds of apps work the best.
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Some of the questions we answered on the show were:

Question 1:    What’s the big deal about the iPad. Isn’t it just like a laptop?
Question 2:    Why build an app for an iPad or iPhone instead of a mobile-optimized website?
Question 3:    What are some of the best apps out there for the iPad, and why?
Question 4:    Is it easy to make money in the App Store?
Question 5:    Are Apps really a way of creating a cordoned off section of the Web, that’s been carefully screened?
Question 6:    For authors, how can you get books onto the iPad?
Question 7:    How are users balancing privacy of location-based information with benefits of apps knowing where they are?

Listen in to these and others in the included podcast.

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