On this show, Caron Notarmuzi of the Colorado Revenue Department and I discussed how the changes in the law of Colorado affect retailers both inside and outside of Colorado as well as the consumers.  We also discussed who has to comply and what are the reasons for complying, and how the new law affects the way consumers and retailers do business in Colorado.  Some businesses have been negatively impacted by this new law although from the discussion, there seems to be some confusion as to why some affiliate service providers acted in removing Colorado affiliates.  Listen in to the show to find out more.  We answered these and more questions:

Question 1:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect out-of-state retailers?
Question 2:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect businesses physically located in Colorado?
Question 3:    What is the effective date?
Question 4:    What are the penalties for non-compliance?
Question 5:    What should Colorado purchasers do when they have not been charged sales tax by out-of-state retailers?
Question 6:    Who is ultimately held responsible for collecting/paying sales/use tax – i.e. vendors/consumers?

Question 11:    What was HB-1193 about
Question 12:    Are tax classes available to out of state businesses
Question 13:    myths: Internet Sales myths