This show was fantastic.  We spoke with Linda Hughes of Entrepreneur Community Online to discuss the power of building relationships in your business, whether you do that online or offline. We focused on why relationships are so important to business owners.  During this show, Linda and I discussed the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What made you choose this topic for our discussion today?
Question 2:    Explain what you mean:
Question 3:    What about customers, isn’t that the true foundation of a business? Without them, a business can’t go let alone grow.
Question 4:    How do you get more customers to even start building a relationship with in the first place?
Question 5:    What does target marketing have to do with relationship building?
Question 6:    Ok, you know your target market, you know how you want to reach them, now what?
Question 7:    What keeps people from being in relationship and/or creating relationship
Question 8:    when a person makes a mistake with a relationship and looses respect-is it possible to regain that respect and how?

For those that are local to the Denver Metro area, Linda has created a new Meetup group that supports entrepreneurs in getting the training they need to make their business successful.

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