On this show, Stephanie Morgan of CID and I discuss some of the common mistakes that business owners make with their web presence.  It ranges from design to all kinds of other things such as  the search engine optimization they could be taking advantage of to how they design their website and the content they put on their web site. The good news is that many of these mistakes can be corrected very easily.  On this show, we discuss some things that you can do today to begin to make a difference in your web site’s effectiveness.  The questions and the answers to those questions that we covered include:

Question 1:    Why should I have a professional create my website vs using a web builder tool?
Question 2:    How does improper navigation or bad site planning affect the effectiveness of a website?
Question 3:    How do you capture the information from visitors to your site? And why is this important?
Question 4:    What is a website analytic tool? Why do I need it and how often should I check it?
Question 5:    What are some of the things I can do to boost my online marketing? (use keywords and research them using a tool… ranked to low- no one will see site, ranked to high – to much competition; social m
Question 6:    Video, has become popular these days. Why should I use it and it is it for me? (people see video first, so if a competitor has a video, they will be more likely to be seen first)

There were more, but you have to listen to discover what they are…  It’s worth taking a listen to discover them.

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