This show will be about what kinds of tools you need to hold a teleseminar that will generate revenue for you. Why you would need to hold a teleseminar and what kinds of benefits that holding regular the importance of holding a teleseminars will give your business.  In this episode, I covered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is a teleseminar?
Question 2:    Why would a business want to have one?
Question 3:    What are minimum of the tools that are needed for a teleseminar?
Question 4:    What tools/services do you need for a money making teleseminar?
Question 5:    How can you re-purpose, make money with your teleseminar?
Question 6:    What are some of the different services out there?
Question 7:    how do you price your teleseminar?

Here is  a list of teleseminar services and resources:

Radio Show Announcements

There is also a webinar class planned for September 17th on How to Get Your Website to Sell Products and Services,

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