In this show, we interview Nima Mousavizadeh who has helped out on the show these last few months.  He and his partners also have their own Internet business in which he shares his secret on how to create a powerful Internet business via selling information products.  He goes through the important steps that will put you on the successful track of creating information products.  He also has a great interest in public speaking as well, which gives him an interesting perspective on how to connect with your target audience.

Listen in as we discuss the answers to the following questions.

Question 1: What is the first step to creating an internet business?
Question 2: How do our listeners know whether there is an online market for their business idea?
Question 3: Does your perspective on this info bring anything new to the online market? Do you have the creativity, or the niche experience to brainstorm a new angle on this specialized information?
Question 4: Do you have an ability and/or motivation to research difficult to find specialized information?
Question 5: What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned that you can share with our listeners?
Question 6: What is a Sales Copy?

Listen in to the recording to the show and get the answers to these questions.