Your biggest online asset is your content.  When you write articles, blog posts or especially ebooks, then you can find additional ways to use this content to generate another revenue stream for your online business.  Being able to recycle and repurpose your content gives you more opportunities to create more traffic to you site as well as create revenue streams from affiliate marketing, generating leads and ad revenue.  In this episode, we answered the following questions:

Question 1:    Why would you want to turn your ebook into a website
Question 2:    What kinds of ebooks does this process work best with?
Question 3:    What are the steps to convert the website
Question 4:    Do you want to copy the entire ebook to the web site?
Question 5:    What format is best? (plain HTML or blog format?)
Question 6:    How can you monetize the website?
Question 7:    How do you market your new content site?

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