Hello everyone!
I haven’t forgotten you if you were wondering what has happened to the Radio show and the updates. I am in the process of moving the shows to another site and will upload the last few shows here to this blog. I will then tell you how you can access the older shows if you want to hear them for your own self education. I had some great shows that covered some awesome material on how to develop a powerful Internet presence, and covered all kinds of topics.

Now I am moving into webinars, and creating some powerful webinar series as I feel it can more strongly support my listeners and many of the small business owners and  entrepreneurs with their growth.

So keep listening… I’ll have the updates within the next few weeks!

Until then, if you have an interest in knowing more about webinars and how to do a powerful webinar presentation, you can attend the webinar I have this Friday at 3:00pm Eastern.

Webinar info is at: Powerful Webinar Presentations

There are some great things planned for this year for everyone here!  Especially with the new Google update (The Farmer Update).  What does that mean for everyone?  Well, if you focus on good content, then not much.  I have focused on good content and see that good article marketing is still very much effective.  If you were doing bad article marketing, then you will see the effect of that.  We can discuss that and so much more as time goes on.

To your success!