One of the biggest factors that determine the success rate of your web conversion is do your visitors feel like you can help them or solve their problems?  If they feel connected enough to the message you have on your web site then they will follow the call to action.  If they don’t feel connected, then they won’t follow the call to action.  Pretty simple.

There is one factor that will also determine if you web site is connecting to your visitors…  That is having the right visitors in the first place.  Pre-qualifying your traffic is something that most people don’t think about.  They focus mostly on getting as much traffic to their website as possible but they don’t focus as much on how relevant is that traffic to their website?  Remember, not everyone is your client.  The more specialized you are, the more you can charge.  The “less is more” concept totally fits this situation.

I’ll give you an example….  a friend of mine, who focuses on teaching people to connect to their love so they can live the life they dream about, years ago had the domain name  She was getting a lot of traffic but no one as calling her up.  Well it turns out that attracted the crowd of people who were into S&M and bondage.  Well, not really her target market was it?  Needless to say, that was why her conversion rate was so abysmal.  Putting more focus on targeting your traffic will have a phenomenal impact on your website’s conversion success.

What are some ways to really target your traffic?  Stick to relevant websites that are related to your target.  SEO is also a very effective means of generating relevant traffic to your website.  Another thing that helps is easing the mind of your website visitors by providing a way for them to emotionally connect to your website.  Remember, people make decisions emotionally, and not intellectually.  Related images, phrasing and live chat software has a positive effect on your website visitors having an emotional connection to your website.

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