Creating success online is like creating success in any other endeavor in life.  You first will need a roadmap of where to go and what to do at each step of the way.  There are so many tactics and techniques out there that anyone can get confused and overwhelmed about what they can do to create ultimate success for their own business and online presence.

What most website owners don’t realize is that many of these courses available about how to be successful online cover some great information, yet they only cover that one small topic, and not necessarily how it fits into the whole.  For instance, there might be a course on how to set up your website to be on autopilot in creating residual revenue through Clickbank, and the ideas are very sound, yet they don’t talk about how  to send the traffic to your website to make the sales, or how to determine which kind of traffic is best to send.

Understanding your overall online strategy first before you either hire out someone to implement part or all of it for you, or end up taking the training you need to be able to do it yourself will give you the edge because you will know what kind of training you need, what the courses must cover to know if the will be helpful or not, and the ability to immediately implement what you have learned in the courses.

So the top 3 things you would need to know that will set the right foundation for your web strategy include:

  1. Who is your target market?  – This is absolutely crucial because this will determine how you need to communicate to your visitor, where your website should show up on the web, and what kinds of offerings would be most desirable to your client.  This knowledge affects the content on your website, the way you do your search  engine marketing and what kind of ecommerce solution you should use, if you are selling your products and services.
  2. How does your web presence fit into your business plan overall? – What do you want to use your web site for?  Is it to be an online brochure?  Is it going to strengthen your brand?  Is it going to sell your products and services, or be a lead generation source for you?  What is it going to do for your business?  Knowing this answer will let you know how to set up your website and what functions it needs to perform, also what kinds of things can be automated to give you more time to do what you do best!
  3. How do you want your web presence to generate revenue for you? – If you decide you want your website to crate income for you and be an online asset, then you will need to know how to set up your website to do that.  Your website can generate revenue for you in 12 different ways, from sponsor advertising, to affiliate marketing to email marketing to selling your own products and services.  All of this will determine how you need to set up your web site and interact with other potential web site owners as well.

There are a few other things you will need to know to solidify that online plan,  but these are the things you must absolutely know and understand in order to really take the maximum advantage to any of your web marketing efforts.  The secret is in creating the foundation and then taking the necessary actions consistently to create the online success that eludes so many.

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