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Having a website is certainly a necessity in today’s business environment.  However, if you want to have your website become more than an online brochure and be an active marketing partner for your business, you as a business owner need to make your website an effective lead generating tool.  So what are the differences between a standard online marketing brochure and a website that generates revenue?  Here are 5 steps to a more effective website.

1) Get a more narrowly focused section of your target market.

The more focused your target market is, the better you can connect with then.  People make decisions emotionally and justify it intellectually.  The more similarities your target market has, the easier it is to emotionally connect with your market through words, niche phrases, images, colors, offers, etc.  An example is if you are selling insurance, and focus on Gen Y’s vs. 2 income family Gen Y’s with small children who live in single family homes in urban areas.  As you can see, Gen Y’s are a very diverse group that have very different needs and interests, so by more narrowly focusing on the group, you will be able to more easily connect with the needs of your target market and communicate how you can serve their needs.   If you serve a more diverse market, separate your market into more narrowly focused groups and change your website to add landing pages that address each of these markets.  This step alone should increase the response rate of your website.

2) Include the most pressing problems your products/services solve/alleviate

It should be prominently displayed/communicated on your website about how your products/services are the answer to your target market’s needs.  Because you are communicating with a narrowly focused well researched target market, you should intimately know these problems and how to address them on your website, which will show them you really understand them and can truly help them.

3) Place a clear call to action on your website that relates to your target market

This is one thing that more websites than I care to consider aren’t really doing.  As a business owner, you have a website because you want it to do something, like sell products or services, or capture leads.  The key is to tell people what you want them to do on your website.  Make what you want them to do obvious and easy to understand because no a days, people don’t want to have to figure out what your website is about or what you want them to do. There are too many easily available competitors out there that are happy to fill that role for them.  Make the call to action font or image stand out so it is easy to find as well.

4) Put an enticing and target market oriented offer on your website

Because you have researched your target, you should know what kind of offers will best support them.  Do you need to offer different price options?  Should you package products and services together?  Do you have an upsell system in place?  How do you incorporate your product/service delivery to fit the needs of your target market?  When you have a highly supportive offer on your website, you will get more sales from your website.

5) Have a powerful way to capture leads for your website.

You want to be able to have as many different non-invasive ways to capture leads from your website to be able to follow up with later.  The more information you can capture the better.  However, you will have to consider that if you ask for too much information, you won’t get as many leads because your web visitors won’t feel comfortable leaving their information.  For those that may need more interaction before they make a decision (the vast majority of your website visitors), you will need a strong followup sequence to convert you prospects into customers/clients.  One method that has been proven to greatly increase the percentage of leads received from your website is to have a website receptionist to meet and greet your website visitors.  This method has been shown to more than triple the amount of business you receive from your website.  This is affordable because it only costs about $2/hr to have on your website.  For most businesses, they will get back more than they invest in this system.

Your website is more than your online business card.  It can be an active marketing tool to sell your products/services but a system needs to be implemented with your web strategy to turn your website into a money maker.

To get the 5 other key steps that you will need to fully implement your online strategy, call us at 720-432-0621 and we will give your business a thorough online business strategy checkup and construction.  Let us figure this out for you so you don’t have to.

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