Having an online presence is one thing,  Having an active online marketing tool is another.  What is the difference?

Online Presence:
An online presence can be something as simple as a website.  Many websites are online brochures that aren’t set up of for active marketing.  These kind of websites can be used for branding your business, but the only way your target market is going to see it is if you happen to send people there personally.

An online presence is the starting point for a business if their target market is found online.  Unfortunately most businesses stop here and don’t go any further.  They know they need to be online, so the put up a website and they think they’re done.

An Active Online Marketing Tool:
When you web presence is an active marketing tool for your business, this is another ball-game altogether.  An active online marketing web presence is something that is generating continuous leads and business from your website.  Your target market finds your website and calls you up, or purchases your product or service without you having to send anyone there on your own.

So how do you, as a business owner, know if you need to have an Internet Business Strategist on your team before you move forward?

You should serious look into investing in an online business strategist if you:

  1. Are looking to add additional services to your online business, or are looking to change services.
  2. Need to get more traffic to your website and aren’t sure how to go about it
  3. Want to get more business from the traffic you are currently getting
  4. Want to incorporate Social media marketing and you want to keep using your traditional marketing methods.
  5. Want to rank better in the search engines
  6. Want to generate addition revenue streams using your web site.
  7. Need to expand your target market, or make a stronger online connection to your target market
  8. Need to enhance your sales funnel, or strengthen your back-end online sales process
  9. Need to enhance your online lead generating capability, and incorporate additional lead generating sources
  10. Need to take advantage of Web 2.o to strengthen your online brand
  11. Need to incorporate additional online marketing methods into your overall strategy
  12. Realize you have no online strategy and you really need one because you have no idea where to start, or how to start
  13. Need to make your website more effective at getting business
  14. Are rolling out another product and want to position it strongly within your current product offerings
  15. Want to develop a strong content marketing strategy to be able to maximize the use of your content to drive traffic to your website
  16. Want to become more effective with your blogging, and be able to incorporate it with other online marketing methods you are currently implementing
  17. Need advice on whether or not to pursue an online marketing strategy
  18. Need help in managing your website and keeping it current
  19. Overwhelmed with all of your online tasks and need to streamline your processes
  20. Need to automate a good portion of your online management tasks
  21. Need assistance in understanding how the whole online marketing animal works

These are just some of the things that an Internet business strategies can help you with, and do it in a way that will allow you to grow your online presence easily without having to start all over again.