Content, especially original content is gold on the Internet, however, if you don’t know what to do with that content, you won’t be able to use it to generate additional revenue streams for your business.  There are many traditional writers out there who are very frustrated with how the Internet has changed their livelyhood.  They are now competing with writers who are willing to write for free and are slowly seeing their means of getting paid to do writing (especially providing content for online media sources such as blogs and other online publications) quickly diminishing.  That way of making a living is going the way of the dinosaur in most cases.  Sure, there are still some opportunities available for the traditional paid writing gigs, but they are not as prevalent as they used to be, and the pay isn’t what it used to be either.

So what is a writer to do?  A writer (a good writer especially) doesn’t realize that they are a walking gold mine unto themselves, and even though their original means of making a living are disappearing, new ways of making a living have sprung up that actually provide much greater potential in revenue.   There is one major reason for this increase in potential.  That reason is due to the fact that as a writer, you no longer have to exchange hours of your writing for dollars.  Let’s face it, with the traditional methods, you would get paid per job.  You can only do so many jobs because there are only so many hours in a day.  An enterprising writer could use interns to expand their job capacity, however if you are your brand, you put that at risk by hiring out your jobs, and now you have to manage employees.

So what is a frustrated writer to do and how do they keep doing what they love and still be able to make a living at it with so much competition of writers willing to write for free?

The solution is using a residual revenue model where you continue to get paid for what you are writing.  Here are 3 tips that will open your eyes to the potential you have at your fingertips.

1) Start a blog and start creating original content on your blog.
Wordpress is usually a good place to start as this blogging platform is constantly being updated and there is a lot of support for this blogging platform.  It also has enough flexibility to customize to your own taste.  There are specific ways of setting up your blog and blogging, so that it performs better  in the search engines, however that is another article for later.

2) Pick 2 areas that you are very passionate about, yet also have income potential.
A good source of income potential is affiliate programs.  Find out what affiliate programs are in your topics that you have chosen to write about.  When you have decided on a few products and services have affiliate programs, join them.  Pick a mix of high ticket and low ticket items that you want to promote and start promoting them on your blog with the content that you create.  You want to create powerful content, and just use the affiliate products to add value to your content instead of talking about the specific affiliate product in your content.

3) Join a good article submission service
Now that you have good content on your site, you want to spread the word about your site and a great way to do that is to use articles to get people to know about who you are and to get more traffic back to your website.  The easiest way to do this is the take a 500 word or so version of your blog post and change it a bit so that it isn’t the same content as your blog post.

These 3 tips can go a long way in supporting the traditional writer into parlaying a good residual revenue for themselves.  This way is powerful because there really is no limit on the income a writer can generate because once the content is written, it will always be there.  The more content they create, the more chances of selling they will be able to create for themselves.  There are ways of creating articles that get traffic back to your website for even greater results, however that is another topic for another day.