In reading a article I ran across, I had an interesting idea.  The article (link shared below), discussed using content, such as ebooks, webinars and teleseminars, and whitepapers to generate leads.  Although the article didn’t specifically mention it, you can use any form of content including articles, videos and audios/podcasts/internet radio shows as well.  The whole point of using this content is to inspire opt-ins into the sales funnel.

The whole point of this article, and it makes a good point at this, is that when you get the opt-ins and leads, from using these methods, you need to realize that the prospect is usually not ready to buy at this time.  They are in the research phase.  The know they have a problem, but they don’t know which direction to turn in to solve it.  So it’s not about selling the prospect once you get the lead information, but about supporting the prospect into realizing that your service is what they are looking for.  So what are the keyword in the last sentence?

1) Support

2) Service

You support the prospect because by sharing with them the information they require be able to know where to go to solve their problem.  If you share the information from a true mindset of service, you will naturally attract those to you that are your ideal target market and then guide those that aren’t part of your target market onto someone who would love to serve that segment of the market.  This is the “wealth is in the few” mentality that comes from having an abundant mindset of knowing there is plenty for everyone.

So how is this done?  Adding personalization through experiences and stories is usually a great way to give your prospects the additional information they need to be able to make that decision in working with you or not.  In the article, the author also mentions that having way of getting enough information to focus more specifically on the clients needs and industry to tailor the followup content increases lead conversion as well as shorten the sales cycle.  This demonstrates both service and support of the prospect and their needs.  The prospect responds to this through a higher rate of conversion.

This customization can be done through case studies that are industry related, whitepapers that address specific problems, and/or webinars that address a specific set of questions.  This more focused approach also allows you to more closely connect with your target market and the more you increase your conversion rates in your online marketing efforts.

Article Source:  Tailored Content Boosts Conversion in Lead-Generation Cycles

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