In a WholeBrainGroup blog article I read the other day, it discusses the ‘7 deadly sins’ of

Strategies to use in conjunction for powerful SEO results

SEO strategies for great search engine placement

SEO.  Basically the article listed the sins as:

  1. Only feeding search engines (sacrificing good content for search engine tactics)
  2. Using industry lingo (not using what your market is truly searching for)
  3. Poorly created URL’s
  4. Not using enough analytics (useful for selling and converting)
  5. Generic sitewide tag descriptions
  6. Expecting overnight results
  7. No implementation of a long term strategy

In my opinion, the last two, while very heavily similar, are the ones that hurt business owners the most.  Not looking at the long view and seeing SEO as a quick one time shot in the arm, like a vaccine.  Because the search engines change their algorithms regularly, they tend to require the consistent SEO implementation activities to keep their web pages relevant and current.

Another big mistake on the part of business owners is that they oftentimes stop their SEO activity too soon.  Getting into the organic search engines is a process that must be implemented willingly and  persistently.  Be prepared to allow it to take  some time.  If you have very competitive keywords, and you are on a tight budget, it can easily take a year, especially if you don’t have the bandwidth to do many of the extra needed activities yourself.  It can be done sooner, if you have enough resources of time/money.  If you target the less competitive keywords first, you can end up on the 1st page in a couple of months or less with consistent activity.  My record was 30 minutes, but that was before the last 2 search algorithm changes, and the keyword, although highly converting, was not very competitive at all.

If you set up a schedule for your SEO activity and stick to it religiously for the first 3 months, and realize it is just part of your marketing from here on out, it will get you so much farther in your SEO efforts.  Your SEO strategy shouldn’t focus on only one tactic, but a combination of several tactics used in synchronicity.

Some of the tactics you can implement include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Blogging/Blog commenting
  4. Article Writing
  5. Social Media
  6. Web 2.0
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Link Building

All of these tactics can go together and work with each other to create a powerful search engine presence and an even more powerful web presence.  The benefit of using multiple tactics together like this is that they give the website owner traffic that isn’t dependent upon the search engines.  This is only the case however if you are using quality content.  No one is serious about following a link back to a website from a crappy article.  If you are going to go through the effort, make it worth your time to create it and worth someone else’s time to read it.

Things to avoid in your SEO strategy:

  1. Using poorly written/spun content
  2. Bad quality links
  3. Combining completely unrelated topics together just to get a link
  4. Hijacking traffic (ex. sending people who are interested in car parts to a site on baby shoes)
  5. Keyword stuffing (trying to have too many keywords on one page)

Using these ideas will get you much farther along in being successful in your online SEO strategy.