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How to Market with Articles

In this radio show, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to market with articles.  There is a strategy that you need to follow to get the most out of your article marketing efforts.  I have used articles for many different purposes, from promoting affiliate products to, branding, and link building.

Here are the questions that I covered in this weeks episode.

Question 1: ID legit and credible ways to submit “self-produced” articles ID the BEST article automation tool
Question 2: With so many of them on the net, how do you know which directories are worth your time to submit to?
Question 3: how many directories should we submit to?
Question 4: How Many Article Should I write A Day
Question 5: There is a balance of time in sales that must be spent on direct revenue-producing activities vs. marketing and management of the business. How often does one need to write articles to be successful i
Question 6: How can I ensure that my article comes on page#1 of search engines?
Question 7: How can you ensure grabbing attention with articles.
Question 8: Is there a truly automated submission software. I hate joining up to all the article sites. most software boasts many directories 2k plus but to join all you would lose the will to live
Question 9: How do you create enough content for a article that is unique and different?

Listen in to find the answers to these questions.

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The Power of Article Marketing & Using The Right Strategy

A brief blog about article marketing and my results with it.  Most people don’t get article marketing to work for them because they lose patience with it long before it can become effective.  In an experiment I did with a travel niche, I had written some original articles that were keyword focused, and used an article submitter service to distribute them to the different article directories.

I was looking at the traffic stats for my travel niche website and I happened to follow a link from one of the referral links to see where the visitor had come from.

Lo and behold, the page that visitor came from had a section that was an rss feed display of a specific keyword  search, and  the results in that feed were astonishing….  Out of the 8 results in that feed, 4 of them were articles that I had written.  How powerful is that?  The feed on that page was created from the top results of a search, that my article marketing did very well in!

Not only that, some of those results were of the same article.  How is that for the power of article marketing when you do it correctly!

On to more testing!

How To Write An Article With A Powerful Title So You Get A Flood Of Traffic To Your Website

Writing and publishing articles are still very effective at getting exposure and targeted traffic to your website.  Not only is it an effective strategy, but it also a very cost effective way to drive traffic to your website.  When people read your articles, they learn more about you as well as learn more about what you do and how you do it.  Article marketing serves many purposes at once, however it is only as effective as your articles.  What does that mean?  Even if your articles are everywhere on the Internet, and you get some benefit with the links that go back to your site,  you won’t get any benefit with people going to your site who are not interested in reading your article, so the key is to also create an article that draws the readers interest.

The main purpose of the title is to draw people into reading your article.  What draws people into reading your article are titles that are catchy, stand out, and indicate what the reader will get out of reading the article.  Take this article for instance.  The title tells you exactly what you will get by reading this article.  If that is of interest to anyone (and if you are reading this sentence, it is of interest to you as well), then they will read this article.   A powerful and catchy title will, right off the bat, answer some very specific questions for the reader.  These answers will create a headline that “hooks” the reader into reading your article.

The first question you must answer in your title is “What is the main benefit the person will receive when they read your article?”  This alone is worth reading the […]