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Best and Simplest Linking Strategies

In this weeks show, I discuss some simple link building strategies that are effective at improving search engine ranking as well as improving traffic.  These strategies only work if they are applied however….

Linking is even more important than SEO because if your site falls out of the search engines, you still have your links to carry you through.  The key is knowing where to link and how to link!

Below are the questions I covered in the show.  Listen to the podcast to  get the answers AND some great tips and insights.

Question 1:    What are some of the benefit of having links back to your website
Question 2:    Is a good linking strategy as good as having good SEO on your site
Question 3:    Where are some of the best places to get links from?
Question 4:    How often should you add new links back to your site?
Question 5:    Where should you be linking back to on your web site?
Question 6:    How should you be linking back to your website?
Question 7:    What are the different kinds of links? and what strategies are best for each link
Question 8:    What are the best kinds of sites to get links from?
Question 9:    any advice for links that get corrupted – I’ve had links be re directed to porn sights

For those of you who want to go further into power linking, you can go here to find out more:

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Top 10 Ways to Build Your Business Brand – Internet Business Strategies Show

On this show, we had Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer on the show discussing how entrepreneurs can truly improve their business by focusing on their brand.  We discussed branding and what it really means, and how businesses can either strengthen their brand or weaken it.

On the show, they offered listeners a show special which included the following:

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Listen in as we give the answers to the following questions.

Question 1:    You write in your book, that your brand is a “promise”, and that the “success of your brand will be determined by how well your customers feel that you kept that promise.
Question 2:    When people often think of branding, they start and stop with “logo creation”, and yet you teach through your Experience Pros University that building your brand includes almost every element of what
Question 3:    What is the simplest, least expensive way we can establish or build our brand identity?
Question 4:    In your audio seminar, “SUPER-Marketing”, you teach people not only what TO do… but specific things that they should consider putting a FREEZE on.
Question 5:    When most people think about branding, they automatically assume that in order to be branded “well”, they will need to invest big money into a professional service.
Question 6:    What would you say the brand of “Experience Pros” means to others?
Question 7:    How important is “differentiation” to […]

Online Marketing Plan Analysis Strategies – Internet Business Strategies Show

This information packed show covered some very important topics on the whole line of creating an online strategy plan and the importance of that plan.  If you want your website to generate new business or revenue for you, you have to approach your web presence as a business in itself.  On this show we covered some of the basic things that business owners need to do in order to create a profitable web presence.  Our guest on the show today was Keo Frazier of Keos Marketing Group.

Show Special:

Anyone who mentions the show will receive a free 45 minute consulting session with her.

During our show, we covered the answers to the following questions listed  below.  You will want to hear the answers to these as you will be able to take something from them and use them to enhance your own online presence.

Question 1:    What is online marketing?
Question 2:    What is the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEM and SEO)?
Question 3:    Is email marketing still effective?
Question 4:    What are some important things for website usability?
Question 5:    How does one get their website placed in search engine searches (called page rank)?
Question 6:    How important is social media for business?
Question 7:    What can you say about infusing business with personal when it comes to social media and online profiles?
Question 8:    Where does traditional media, such as print and outdoor media, stand in today’s market?
Question 9:    is it better to do flyers for events?


Webinar on how to use networking to grow your client base, and how to incorporate social networking into your overall networking strategy  – November 11th. – Business networking.

Web 2.0 Sites That Can Enhance Your Online Visibility – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this episode of the show, we discuss how Web 2.0 sites can give your website and your web presence more exposure. There are a few strategies out there that I have become aware of and use myself on how to use web 2.0, or social media properties to improve my search engine ranking and get more traffic to my web site in general.  In this show, we discuss the answers to the  following questions:

Question 1:    What is Web 2.0 – Social Sites?
Question 2:    What are some examples of these social sites?
Question 3:    Which ones will we be talking about for the purposes of this show
Question 4:    What are the benefits of using Squidoo
Question 5:    What are the benefits of using Hubpages
Question 6:    What are the benefits of using
Question 7:    How do you use these sites to enhance your online exposure
Question 8:    Are there other social sites that can be used?
Question 9:    It seems that in order to get these web 2.0 sites on your side you have to be well rounded. Is that assumption true?
Question 10:    Does Psiphon consulting help internet business owners to be more well rounded?


October 28th:  WordPress Webinar – How to build a website in record time with the WordPress Blogging Platform

The Power of Article Submission Services

Article marketing is a powerful way to enhance your online exposure, grow your mailing list, increase your traffic and raise your sales.  However it only works if it is followed consistently and has an effective strategy behind it.  In this episode, I discuss article submission services, and their importance in your internet business strategy planning.  Listen in as I answer the following questions:

Question 1:    What is an Article Submission Service
Question 2:    What kind of Article Submission Services are available
Question 3:    What is the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service?
Question 4:    What can an article submission services do for you?
Question 5:    What should you look for in an article submission service?
Question 6:    How else can you enhance your article submissions?
Question 7:    What can these services cost?
Question 8:    Whats most important?
Question 9:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?
Question 10:    When is an Article Submission Service not a good idea for your buisenss
Question 11:    How does article writing circumvent advertising spending?
Question 12:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?

One of the article submission services mentioned was:

Submit your articles


New workshop on how to create a website in WordPress October 28th.

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Social Media and Social Networking Tips

In this show, we went over social media and social networking.  The main focus was about some of the different social networking tips that can help integrate your website better with the different social networking sites that are out there. We discussed some things that you should focus on when you are using Facebook and some of the other major social networking sites. The questions that were covered include:

Question 1:    What is Social Media Networking
Question 2:    Why is it Popular?
Question 3:    What should you put in your social networking profile
Question 4:    What shouldn’t you put in your social networking profile
Question 5:    Is Social Networking a good marketing medium?
Question 6:    How to Use social networking sites to promote your blog and business

On this weeks show, we had Nima M. interviewing me and asking me the questions while I answered them.  It was a good show and Nima had some great imput of his own as well.  Listen in and get some great tips on Social Networking.

The Benefits of Having a Successful Ecommerce Website

In this show, we discuss the importance of having an ecommerce web site and just what is needed to successfully be able to sell your products and services on the Internet.  We discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What does Ecommercre Mean
Question 2:    What are some of the benefits of having an ecommerce webisite
Question 3:    What do you need to have a successful ecommerce website
Question 4:    What should you look out for as online business owner

One thing that is important to understand is that if you want to make an income from your web presence, you have to look at your web property like you do your physical storefront.  It is a business, and not a hobby.  That is when you will begin to see more success with your online presence.  There weren’t many questions but they were gone into in a greater detail.

Listen in to the show.

How to repurpose your web content

This show covered how you can take an article and then get valuable use out of it by creating a number of different types of web content offerings from it.  For example, an article can turn into a blog posting, a podcast, a video, an ebook (several articles) and even a webinar or teleseminar.  Understanding the progression of how you can re-purpose your content can really open things up for your online presence.

In addition to discussing the content repurpose process, I also gave answers to the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content
Question 2:    What does it mean to repurpose it
Question 3:    What are some of the different ways to repurpose it
Question 4:    What is a good repurposing strategy
Question 5:    How do you deal with the reality B that there has been so much crap being sold on the Internet that now most people percive that everything is crap?
Question 6:    How do we find out what people want to hear and how they want to hear it vs the experts deciding on what they think their customers want to hear and how they want to hear it?
Question 7:    would you need a team to do all this b because no one person can do all this

Listen in for more.

If you want to learn how to sell your content in the form of an ebook or DVD, and don’t have ecommerce on your web site, you can learn now what is required to take online payments ->  Ecommerce Training

Tools You Need to Hold a Money Making Teleseminar

This show will be about what kinds of tools you need to hold a teleseminar that will generate revenue for you. Why you would need to hold a teleseminar and what kinds of benefits that holding regular the importance of holding a teleseminars will give your business.  In this episode, I covered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is a teleseminar?
Question 2:    Why would a business want to have one?
Question 3:    What are minimum of the tools that are needed for a teleseminar?
Question 4:    What tools/services do you need for a money making teleseminar?
Question 5:    How can you re-purpose, make money with your teleseminar?
Question 6:    What are some of the different services out there?
Question 7:    how do you price your teleseminar?

Here is  a list of teleseminar services and resources:

Radio Show Announcements

There is also a webinar class planned for September 17th on How to Get Your Website to Sell Products and Services,

Click the play button to listen to the radio show.

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Making Your Blog Interesting

In this radio episode, we discuss how to make your blog interesting.  having a blog is one thing, but having a blog that people talk about and are willing to come back to is another thing all together.  So what does it take to make your blog interesting and a gathering spot around the web?  Content, Content, Content is king!  On this show,  Answer the following questions.

Question 1:    What can blogs be used for
Question 2:    What kinds of content can be added to a blog and How
Question 3:    What can be done to make a blog interesting
Question 4:    can you have too many bells and whistles?
Question 5:    What do you recommend regarding multiple Blogs and duplicate content

Announcements:  WordPress Tutorial Training Webinar for Maximum Blog Effectiveness  August 30th

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