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How to Get More Exposure For Your Blog

In this radio episode, I discussed what you can do to get more traffic to your blog and how to get more exposure for your blog.  In this broadcast, I answered the following questions:

Question 1:    Is having a blog a good strategy for your online presence?
Question 2:    What are some of the different blogging solutions out there?
Question 3:    What are the plusses and minuses of each solution?
Question 4:    How can one personalize a blog?
Question 5:    What are some free ways to get traffic to my blog?
Question 6:    What are some paid ways to get traffic to my blog?
Question 7:    Is there a difference between getting traffic and getting my blog noticed?
Question 8:    What is an authority blog?

Also, as some announcements were made during the show and they include a wordpress webinar class on August 30th.  This webinar will go over the basic settings that are needed to make yoru blog more ecommerce enabled.  go here for more info on the wordpress blog tutorial.

You Can’t Have A Successful Web Business If You Don’t Take Action

In this episode, Dianne Dandeneau of discusses the one big thing that keeps people and business owners from being successful, and that is taking action.  There was a great discussion on what taking action means and some of the things that come up that get in the way of people taking action.

In this episode, we give powerful answers the following questions:

Question 1:    What does taking action mean to you?
Question 2:    How do we get to the Action Stage?
Question 3:    What is the most important thing to do to prepare to take action?
Question 4:    How does this relate to your Web business or just business in general?
Question 5:    How do you help people take action?
Question 6:    What keeps people from taking action
Question 7:    how many people leave out knowing clearly who they really are first before they do anything?

She is also now registering people for my Coaching for Awakened Leadership Course, which is distance learning on Tuesday Mornings from 9:00 – 10:30 via conference call.   You can go to her website at to register.

B’s Byte was ‘How to make my blog more interesting and stand out’.

Some of the answers I shared (in greater detail of course) included:

  • Show your unique personality,
  • encourage feedback and interaction.
  • Drive traffic to blog through conversation on other forums

Also, don’t forget the WordPress Training Webinar that I am doing on the 20th.

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Common Mistakes Entepreneurs Make on Their Web Site

On this show, Stephanie Morgan of CID and I discuss some of the common mistakes that business owners make with their web presence.  It ranges from design to all kinds of other things such as  the search engine optimization they could be taking advantage of to how they design their website and the content they put on their web site. The good news is that many of these mistakes can be corrected very easily.  On this show, we discuss some things that you can do today to begin to make a difference in your web site’s effectiveness.  The questions and the answers to those questions that we covered include:

Question 1:    Why should I have a professional create my website vs using a web builder tool?
Question 2:    How does improper navigation or bad site planning affect the effectiveness of a website?
Question 3:    How do you capture the information from visitors to your site? And why is this important?
Question 4:    What is a website analytic tool? Why do I need it and how often should I check it?
Question 5:    What are some of the things I can do to boost my online marketing? (use keywords and research them using a tool… ranked to low- no one will see site, ranked to high – to much competition; social m
Question 6:    Video, has become popular these days. Why should I use it and it is it for me? (people see video first, so if a competitor has a video, they will be more likely to be seen first)

There were more, but you have to listen to discover what they are…  It’s worth taking a listen to discover them.

7 steps to getting free marketing help, work less hours, and help more people

On this show, I interview Deanna Maio about how small business owners can finally get over that gap between having too much work to do and not quite making enough to hire someone else.  This important step can now be successfully completed by the use of interns.  We cover on this show how small business owners can use interns to get a lot of the work they need done completed at a price that they can afford.  Intern programs are easier to set up than you think and can really save you a lot of time because you don’t have to do the tasks that you aren’t the best at doing.  On the show, we covered the answers to the following questions and more.  You will need to listen in to get the whole story.:

Question 1:    Deanna, I’ve heard you referred to as “The Savvy Strategies Coach” How do you define a Savvy Strategy and why is it important to use them?
Question 2:    And what’s this business about Free Marketing Help?
Question 3:    What is the most important step to include as you start to get this free help?
Question 4:    What are some key elements of the process to getting student help?
Question 5:    What are some of the mistakes business owners make in starting their internship programs?
Question 6:    Tell us more about what an internship program can offer our business?

She now has a self study program that she is offering small business owners on how to set up their own internship program to get that free powerful support team.  To Sign up for this program, Business Owners can sign up and receive the powerful bonuses at:

Free Powerful Support Team:

  • Online Business Owners and Their Customer Information Liability

    This show is about online security and the responsibility of the business owner that they have to their customers and keeping their customers information secure. We will discuss what kind of information the business owner must keep secure and what the penalties are for non-compliance. We will discuss the different kinds of identity theft and the kind of protection services that are available.  Peggy Goehringer of Prepaid Legal and I discuss these topics in more detail as we answer the following questions:

    What are the 6 different types of identity theft?
    What are some proactive steps an individual can take personally to help protect themselves?
    How much responsibility do businesses have when it comes to identity theft?
    What can business owners do to be proactive instead of reactive?
    How do they take your identity
    How can we stop the fraud?
    Should you change your social security number if you are a victim?
    Does law enforcement pay enough attention to identity theft?

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    The Power of Building Relationships in Your Business Offline and Online

    This show was fantastic.  We spoke with Linda Hughes of Entrepreneur Community Online to discuss the power of building relationships in your business, whether you do that online or offline. We focused on why relationships are so important to business owners.  During this show, Linda and I discussed the answers to the following questions:

    Question 1:    What made you choose this topic for our discussion today?
    Question 2:    Explain what you mean:
    Question 3:    What about customers, isn’t that the true foundation of a business? Without them, a business can’t go let alone grow.
    Question 4:    How do you get more customers to even start building a relationship with in the first place?
    Question 5:    What does target marketing have to do with relationship building?
    Question 6:    Ok, you know your target market, you know how you want to reach them, now what?
    Question 7:    What keeps people from being in relationship and/or creating relationship
    Question 8:    when a person makes a mistake with a relationship and looses respect-is it possible to regain that respect and how?

    For those that are local to the Denver Metro area, Linda has created a new Meetup group that supports entrepreneurs in getting the training they need to make their business successful.

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    How HB1193 has affected online business owners in and out of Colorado

    On this show, Caron Notarmuzi of the Colorado Revenue Department and I discussed how the changes in the law of Colorado affect retailers both inside and outside of Colorado as well as the consumers.  We also discussed who has to comply and what are the reasons for complying, and how the new law affects the way consumers and retailers do business in Colorado.  Some businesses have been negatively impacted by this new law although from the discussion, there seems to be some confusion as to why some affiliate service providers acted in removing Colorado affiliates.  Listen in to the show to find out more.  We answered these and more questions:

    Question 1:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect out-of-state retailers?
    Question 2:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect businesses physically located in Colorado?
    Question 3:    What is the effective date?
    Question 4:    What are the penalties for non-compliance?
    Question 5:    What should Colorado purchasers do when they have not been charged sales tax by out-of-state retailers?
    Question 6:    Who is ultimately held responsible for collecting/paying sales/use tax – i.e. vendors/consumers?

    Question 11:    What was HB-1193 about
    Question 12:    Are tax classes available to out of state businesses
    Question 13:    myths: Internet Sales myths

    Twitter Business Power Tips

    In this show, Grandma Mary and I discuss some of the business power tips that are essential for business owners to know about when it comes to twitter and how to use twitter most effectively. There are a lot of things that business owners can do wrong when using twitter, and these things can get in the way of being able to actually bring in more business by using twitter.  This radio show covers some great tips on being able to use twitter effectively and efficiently.  Listen in as we cover the answers to:

    Question 1:    How do I decide if I should be on Twitter?
    Question 2:    How much time do I need to spend on Twitter?
    Question 3:    How to do I find people to follow?
    Question 4:    How to do I find things to Tweet about?
    Question 5:    How do I measure my ROI?
    Question 6:    is there an easy way to find out who didn’t respond to invites so you don’t hit limit on friending
    Question 7:    How to find the influential people

    We cover more as well…  Listen in.

    For those that want to get more tips and tactics for Twitter, this ebook has it all!

    Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

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    Marketing to the new Media – iPhones and iPads

    Mobile marketing has given businesses a new dimension in marketing their products and services.  With the rapid rise in popularity of smartphones like the iPhone, or devices like the iPad, mobile marketing has become more than just making a web site friendly to mobile devices.  The field has become wide open, and only those entrepreneurs who venture out first and stake their claim will be the ones who can ride out the wave.

    On the show, Jeff Finkelstein of Customer Paradigm and I  discussed some important questions regarding the emergence of a new market with the popularity of devices such as the iPhone and the iPad and other smartphones.  We covered why it is important to have an app for the iPad as opposed to the iPhone, and what kinds of apps work the best.
    Find more info at

    Show Special:
    10% off initial Search Engine Optimization Project or 5% off iPad or iPhone app development

    Some of the questions we answered on the show were:

    Question 1:    What’s the big deal about the iPad. Isn’t it just like a laptop?
    Question 2:    Why build an app for an iPad or iPhone instead of a mobile-optimized website?
    Question 3:    What are some of the best apps out there for the iPad, and why?
    Question 4:    Is it easy to make money in the App Store?
    Question 5:    Are Apps really a way of creating a cordoned off section of the Web, that’s been carefully screened?
    Question 6:    For authors, how can you get books onto the iPad?
    Question 7:    How are users balancing privacy of location-based information with benefits of apps knowing where they are?

    Listen in to these and others in the included podcast.

    Training Notice!

    Power Twitter Tips

    WordPress Blog Training

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