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The Power of Article Submission Services

Article marketing is a powerful way to enhance your online exposure, grow your mailing list, increase your traffic and raise your sales.  However it only works if it is followed consistently and has an effective strategy behind it.  In this episode, I discuss article submission services, and their importance in your internet business strategy planning.  Listen in as I answer the following questions:

Question 1:    What is an Article Submission Service
Question 2:    What kind of Article Submission Services are available
Question 3:    What is the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service?
Question 4:    What can an article submission services do for you?
Question 5:    What should you look for in an article submission service?
Question 6:    How else can you enhance your article submissions?
Question 7:    What can these services cost?
Question 8:    Whats most important?
Question 9:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?
Question 10:    When is an Article Submission Service not a good idea for your buisenss
Question 11:    How does article writing circumvent advertising spending?
Question 12:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?

One of the article submission services mentioned was:

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The Power of Article Marketing & Using The Right Strategy

A brief blog about article marketing and my results with it.  Most people don’t get article marketing to work for them because they lose patience with it long before it can become effective.  In an experiment I did with a travel niche, I had written some original articles that were keyword focused, and used an article submitter service to distribute them to the different article directories.

I was looking at the traffic stats for my travel niche website and I happened to follow a link from one of the referral links to see where the visitor had come from.

Lo and behold, the page that visitor came from had a section that was an rss feed display of a specific keyword  search, and  the results in that feed were astonishing….  Out of the 8 results in that feed, 4 of them were articles that I had written.  How powerful is that?  The feed on that page was created from the top results of a search, that my article marketing did very well in!

Not only that, some of those results were of the same article.  How is that for the power of article marketing when you do it correctly!

On to more testing!