Tools You Need to Hold a Money Making Teleseminar

This show will be about what kinds of tools you need to hold a teleseminar that will generate revenue for you. Why you would need to hold a teleseminar and what kinds of benefits that holding regular the importance of holding a teleseminars will give your business.  In this episode, I covered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is a teleseminar?
Question 2:    Why would a business want to have one?
Question 3:    What are minimum of the tools that are needed for a teleseminar?
Question 4:    What tools/services do you need for a money making teleseminar?
Question 5:    How can you re-purpose, make money with your teleseminar?
Question 6:    What are some of the different services out there?
Question 7:    how do you price your teleseminar?

Here is  a list of teleseminar services and resources:

Radio Show Announcements

There is also a webinar class planned for September 17th on How to Get Your Website to Sell Products and Services,

Click the play button to listen to the radio show.

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Setting Up Your Web Site as an Internet Business

In this show, we discuss the different aspects of setting your website up as a business and approaching your whole web presence as an asset that you can make residual revenue from.  Most people who start up web sites don’t have this in mind.  The topics we covered included:

Question 1: Why is it important to set my web site up as a business? What if I just want an online brochure?
Question 2: Why is it important to automate?
Question 3: What can I automate
Question 4: Why is it important to create systems
Question 5: What kinds of systems should I create for my internet presence
Question 6: What can I leverage with my web site?

Listen in for the answers to these questions and more…

WordPress Magic and How it Can Supercharge Your Whole Web Presence

In this show, Corrinda Campbell of Get it Done Marketing and B. Hopkins covered the benefits of how using WordPress can fill the needs of most small business owners, and also some things to watch out for when creating your blog.

Catch the answers to these following questions!

Question 1: What is WordPress?
Question 2: Isn’t WordPress just for blogging?
Question 3: Why is WordPress a good solution for a small business owner?
Question 4: What are the benefits of having a blog page integrated with my website?
Question 5: How does my blog relate to what I do with social media and my web presence?
Question 6: What’s the best way to get started with WordPress, (.com v. .org)?
Question 7: What do I need to host my own WordPress website/blog?
Question 8: How do I add a blog to my existing website?
Question 9: There’s a new up date coming soon WordPress 2.9 what can we expect?
Question 10: Where can I get help with my WordPress website/blog
Question 11: How do I create a login?

Get it done marketing –
Internet Business Strategies –

Also B. mentioned the Facebook class w/ Grandma Mary and Andrea Vahl.  More details at this: Facebook Class – Now Repeated for a new date!

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Using Facebook to Expand Your Business Presence On the Internet

This radio show which aired on 12/23/09 was an informative, yet very entertaining show with Grandma Mary and we discuss some of the do’s and don’ts of using Facebook for business purposes.  By listening to this show, you will also get an idea of what some of the different features are and when to use them.

We cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: Why should I use Facebook?
Question 2: Should I use a User account, a Group or a Fan Page for my business?
Question 3: How do I keep my personal information private?
Question 4: I don’t want to ask someone to become my “Fan” How can I get them to be a fan.
Question 5: What should I post?
Question 6: How often should I post?
Question 7: How do I get more friends/fans/members of the group?
Question 8: How can I use Facebook ads to target my niche?
Question 9: How do I convert my Facebook fans into paying customers?
Question 10: Facebook Do’s & Facebook Don’ts

After you listen to this podcast, leave a comment on what you think and some of the tips you have found useful in using Facebook for business, no matter where you have found them.

Click Here for the Teleseminar on Using Facebook For Business! – Jan 21st

How to Succeed on the Internet

Internet Penetration (% Population).
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In this show aired on Dec. 16th, I discuss how to succeed on the Internet.  The basic foundation for any success is in the mindset and the habits that one creates as they are starting out a business.  If this basic foundation isn’t in place, then it doesn’t matter how many tricks, techniques or strategies you use, your Internet presence will not be as successful or as profitable, if at all, as it could be.

I cover the answers to these questions in this show.  Listen in for some valuable insight.

Why do so many Internet Businesses Fail Today?
How can you avoid the failing masses?
What are the foundations of a successful Internet Business
What is Leverage and How can you use it on the Internet for maximum gain?
What is the Key to Continuous Growth and Expansion
What is the difference between doing work and making deals?
What constitutes making deals?

Let us know what you think of this episode.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.