The Top 5 Functions You Need on Your Website as a Small Business Owner

As a small business, your website should be an active marketing and sales tool for your business rather than an online brochure.  As a result, you will need to have certain functions on your website in order for it to make your website more of an active marketing tool for your business.  In this posting, I will discuss some of these top functions you will need on your business website.

1) Blog
If you are a business, small or large, this goes without saying….  If you want to get serious about your business, you will need to add something that says you are serious about your business.  A blog does this in a number of different ways:

  • Builds credibility and branding – a blog is a great way of showcasing your knowledge of your subject.  The platform allows you to share unique ways you have of approaching solutions to your target market’s problems and present them in a way that is going to connect more strongly with your target market.
  • Improves your websites SEO – Blogs are naturally set up to give your website better SEO, which in turn improves your rankings, and links coming into your website when you reference other blogs.
  • Conveniently adds fresh content to your website which keeps visitors coming back and the search engines happy.

2) Social Network Integration

Your blog should automatically update your social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Most blogs now have this capability.  You should also have social networking buttons on your website so it is easy for people to sign up on your social networks from your website.  There are many free scripts available that will allow you to easily add this functionality to your website.

3) Email […]

The Benefits of Having a Successful Ecommerce Website

In this show, we discuss the importance of having an ecommerce web site and just what is needed to successfully be able to sell your products and services on the Internet.  We discuss the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    What does Ecommercre Mean
Question 2:    What are some of the benefits of having an ecommerce webisite
Question 3:    What do you need to have a successful ecommerce website
Question 4:    What should you look out for as online business owner

One thing that is important to understand is that if you want to make an income from your web presence, you have to look at your web property like you do your physical storefront.  It is a business, and not a hobby.  That is when you will begin to see more success with your online presence.  There weren’t many questions but they were gone into in a greater detail.

Listen in to the show.

How HB1193 has affected online business owners in and out of Colorado

On this show, Caron Notarmuzi of the Colorado Revenue Department and I discussed how the changes in the law of Colorado affect retailers both inside and outside of Colorado as well as the consumers.  We also discussed who has to comply and what are the reasons for complying, and how the new law affects the way consumers and retailers do business in Colorado.  Some businesses have been negatively impacted by this new law although from the discussion, there seems to be some confusion as to why some affiliate service providers acted in removing Colorado affiliates.  Listen in to the show to find out more.  We answered these and more questions:

Question 1:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect out-of-state retailers?
Question 2:    How does HB 2010-1193 affect businesses physically located in Colorado?
Question 3:    What is the effective date?
Question 4:    What are the penalties for non-compliance?
Question 5:    What should Colorado purchasers do when they have not been charged sales tax by out-of-state retailers?
Question 6:    Who is ultimately held responsible for collecting/paying sales/use tax – i.e. vendors/consumers?

Question 11:    What was HB-1193 about
Question 12:    Are tax classes available to out of state businesses
Question 13:    myths: Internet Sales myths

Expanding Your Web Business to International Markets – Internet Radio Show

On this show, we had Lars Hilse as a guest, and  covered a number of very informative topics about how to expand your business to International markets and some very quick and more inexpensive ways to do that.  On our radio show, we get to the main purpose of taking your online business international and tapping into new markets.

Some of the topics we covered on the show include:

Question 1: Why should companies go international through the web in the first place?
Question 2: What possibilities are there to set your business up international?
Question 3: What do you mean by that?
Question 4: Translating the whole operation sounds expensive – would the indirect search engine campaign be less painful budget-wise?
Question 5: From your experience, what are the main motives for internationalization you’ve experienced in the past? Is there an outstanding example?

The discussion opened up some interesting  as well as little know aspects to the relationships between the international markets.  The levi’s jeans example was give to show the opportunities that are available for US online entrepreneurs to create more profit opportunities.

About Lars Hilse:

Lars Hilse is a globally recognized web strategist and (e-)market penetration & customer care specialist. He has successfully completed assignments in Europe, North America, The Middle East, and APAC countries. He just published his first book “Adding the E to your Business Strategy” which contains a most interesting chapter on Internationalization through e-business.

Denver Web Training Class

We will be presenting the topic “Getting Your Website To Sell” at the Entrepreneurial workshop put on by the Denver Public Library on August 20th 2009 at the Denver Public Library.  For all of you entrepreneurs and new business owners who are relatively new to the Internet, you will be able to get easy to understand and detailed information on you need to get your website ready for ecommerce.

This class is going to be presented at a beginner level and we will start with the basics.  You won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or lost during the presentation.  There will also be time for questions at the end as well as during the presentation.
Our main focus is  Internet Business Strategy where we consult with entrepreneurs on how to generate revenue with their web site.  We offer training packages, consultations, maintenance programs and will also implement the necessary strategies that will allow your web site to generate revenue. Your services take the hassle, confusion and wasteful spending out of building a web presence on the Internet that actively grows an online business.
Once you understand the basics on how to have a powerful and profitable web presence, you will see it isn’t as difficult as you once thought.
Find out more about the workshop given by the Denver Public Library,

To find out more about the specific presentation and what to have on your website so you can sell your products and services,  get this  free online ecourse.