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How to Start an Internet Business – Internet Strategy Show

In this show, we interview Nima Mousavizadeh who has helped out on the show these last few months.  He and his partners also have their own Internet business in which he shares his secret on how to create a powerful Internet business via selling information products.  He goes through the important steps that will put you on the successful track of creating information products.  He also has a great interest in public speaking as well, which gives him an interesting perspective on how to connect with your target audience.

Listen in as we discuss the answers to the following questions.

Question 1: What is the first step to creating an internet business?
Question 2: How do our listeners know whether there is an online market for their business idea?
Question 3: Does your perspective on this info bring anything new to the online market? Do you have the creativity, or the niche experience to brainstorm a new angle on this specialized information?
Question 4: Do you have an ability and/or motivation to research difficult to find specialized information?
Question 5: What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned that you can share with our listeners?
Question 6: What is a Sales Copy?

Listen in to the recording to the show and get the answers to these questions.

How to Succeed on the Internet

Internet Penetration (% Population).
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In this show aired on Dec. 16th, I discuss how to succeed on the Internet.  The basic foundation for any success is in the mindset and the habits that one creates as they are starting out a business.  If this basic foundation isn’t in place, then it doesn’t matter how many tricks, techniques or strategies you use, your Internet presence will not be as successful or as profitable, if at all, as it could be.

I cover the answers to these questions in this show.  Listen in for some valuable insight.

Why do so many Internet Businesses Fail Today?
How can you avoid the failing masses?
What are the foundations of a successful Internet Business
What is Leverage and How can you use it on the Internet for maximum gain?
What is the Key to Continuous Growth and Expansion
What is the difference between doing work and making deals?
What constitutes making deals?

Let us know what you think of this episode.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

The Stores Online Workshops

Well, now that the stores online workshops (sales pitches) have come and gone through Denver, what are they about?  I am actually writing this because I received an invitation along with the many thousands of others in the Denver Metro area.  It has been many years since I attended one of these seminars.  The information they cover will be more up to date, but the format and purpose will remain the same…  sell you a bunch of web sites.

These types of seminars are very good at making the online success seem very easy.  When you get home and then a few weeks later, after you’ve had a chance to be with your web sites, you will see that what you received at the seminar was really the WHAT to do and not the HOW to do it.

Well, using the concept of the upsell, after you realize that you may be in over your head, you will get a call from the company offering consulting packages which will teach you the HOW to do it.  These consulting packages sometimes range in the thousands of dollars.  This is a cost that most people don’t really take into account because of course, they don’t talk about it at the seminar.  It has been several years, so I don’t know if they offer more affordable packages today or not.  However, at the time they offer you a consulting package, you are a motivated buyer.  You’ve just put a chunk of money into a bunch of web sites, and now you will need to do something with them.  If you don’t know how to yourself, you will be very tempted to take the consulting packages.

Those that do know what […]

Dynamic and Static Websites – Internet Radio Show

This radio show was about the difference between dynamic web sites and static web sites. In this show, I go over what is a dynamic web site and the benefits and drawbacks and why a business owner would want to invest in a dynamic web site over a static web site. Listen in to how dynamic web sites can really make your web presence work better for you.


Did You Design Your Web Site with An Exit Strategy?

Most businesses use their web site to do many of the basic functions that off-line tools and marketing systems do; sales, branding, market research, customer service, etc.  Most businesses typically use their web site for 1 or 2 of the functions listed above and rarely more that 3 at the same time.  It all depends upon what the business owner wants to get out of their web site, however, how many of them design their web site with an exit strategy?

What is an exit strategy?  In this case it is the way in which you are going to end the ownership of your website.  Will you just close your web site down or will you get your investment back and sell it?  Most businesses owners just close their web site down when they are done with it and fail to realize that they could be flushing a valuable asset down the drain.  It would be similar to walking away from your store and leaving the inventory, customer list and all of your trade secrets behind for who ever is clever enough to come by and salvage what is possible.

If you have your web site for several years, over that time you have developed a following, traffic, content, gained a lot of knowledge about your niche based upon customer buying patters, or visitor traffic patterns, and so much more.  You don’t realize that it is an asset.  If you can determine how much your web site makes per month, you can know how much you can sell it for.  If you have a sizeable email list, you have an asset that a smart email marketer can make use of to generate even more income on […]

Getting More Business With Your Website

We have another class with WomenOf on September 15th, at 6:00pm at the WomenOf headquarters we will be giving another class called:  “Getting More Business With Your Website”.

The personalized workshop will cover the basics of how to get more traffic to your website through SEO, paid traffic methods, and social networking.  There will also be some discussion on local search engine traffic and how to best take advantage of it.

The class is designed for beginners and those entrepreneurs who want to bring their web site to the place where they are receiving new customers, clients or sales from it.  There will be a question and answer period at the end of the workshop where participants can ask about anything related to website creation, to ecommerce, to web marketing.  The smaller class size will allow the presenter to be able to answer everyone’s questions.
In order to find out more about the workshop held at the WomenOf headquarters, go to the website for Internet Business Classes and register online to reserve a spot as spaces are limited.  To get more information about what you to have on your website so you can sell your products and services, get a free online course .

Internet Business Strategies – Frequently Asked Questions

The show for July 22 was answering the most frequently asked questions about internet marketing, website design, getting traffic and a host of other things as well.  Some of the questions that were discussed were the following:

  • How to get more traffic to my website
  • More info on affiliate marketing
  • How to get started the right way in building your website
  • How to make money from your web site
  • How to get people to comment on your blogs
  • Touched on how to design a good site.

Some of the resources mentioned on the show:

Listen to the podcast!

Advertising Tips That Bring Home The Bacon

This weeks radio show had the guest Von Chavez from Vondolce Studios.  Von is knowledgeable about online advertising and what you need to know to create an advertising campaign that creates results for your business.   On this radio show episode, we discussed:

Why advertise online?
What should the advertisement contain?
Does the size matter?
how do I price out my online advertising packages?
What sites should I choose to advertise on?
What can I expect to get from advertising online?
What should the ad look like? What about video ads, banner ads, etc?

Listen in to the show to get the answers to these questions.  The audio will be posted soon.


Adding New Training Classes

Psiphon Consulting will be adding training classes to it’s repertoire.  After feedback and a lot of questions, we have decided that this is a great area to be of service to our clientele and potential future customers.  We have added a page on our web site to list the current kinds of training that we provide.

Check out our internet business workshop page.

Contact us as well about how we can assist your business in providing value added resources to your clients on how to use their web presence to generate more revenue for their own businesses.


Internet Business Strategies Show – Internet Law

This week we talked about Internet law and the things you need to know about with your web business.

Our guest was Douglas R. Griess  of Dymond Reagor Colville and he specializes in Internet law.

This was a very informative show because one of the most important things that came out of it is whenever you put your “shingle” on the internet, you are making yourself liable in the same way that a normal brick and morter business makes themselves liable.  Because it is so easy and so inexpensive to put your shingle out there on the Internet, anyone who wants to sell their book, or their knitting patterns is now out there on the Intenet and they really don’t have an idea of what they are making themselves liable for.

Some of the questions that were discussed were the following:

1.      What is internet law?

2.      On what areas of law should an internet based business be focused?

3.      How is an internet business different under the law from other businesses?

4.      What are the unique risks facing an internet company?

5.      How does one go about setting up a legal entity for internet business?

6.      How does one go about identifying and protecting their intellectual property assets on the internet?

7.       what are the basic steps an internet business should take to protect their intellectual property assets?

8.       Should internet businesses that link and/or refer to each other formalize such a relationship with a contract?

9.       What you should do if someone is defaming you via email or on their blog.

If you want to reach Douglass and have more questions for him, here is his contact info:

phone:   303 793 3400