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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Live Chat

With all of the tools and tricks available on websites today, the ones that many website owners tend to overlook are the ones that don’t seem like they have an immediate affect on the bottom line. Live chat can seem like it would be used mainly as a customer service tool, however it has huge benefits in adding to the bottom line of what a business brings in as well. Using live chat addresses several of the things that stand in the way of a 1st time visitor purchasing anything or taking any other action on your website.

1. Strengthens your connection with your visitors

Live chat allows visitors to feel more comfortable with your web site and your offering because with a real person on the website, they can get their questions answered immediately. Any objections or hesitations can be dealt with in a very personal manner in a way the best written sales letter can’t do. Live chat adds a personalization feeling to each person that engages in it. This kind of service also can assist the visitor with navigating the website, or assisting with filling out the order forms.

2. Allows instant phone to phone connection between the website visitor and the website owner

Some chat programs allow the chat person to connect the website visitor to a sales representative. This is a powerful feature, especially for lead generating sites that allows the business to funnel their website visitors to their higher closing sales reps. THe way this works is the chat person asks the visitor for their phone number and through the software, connects their phone number with the pre-programmed number of the business. The software rings both phone numbers and when each party […]

Using Your Website to Generate Quality Leads for Your Business

Your website is more than just an online brochure.  Your website can  actually be an active marketing partner for your business.

Think about it; your website is a sales rep for your business that works for you 24/7, takes no holidays or paid vacation (unless your hosting server goes down, but that shouldn’t be once a year and if it is, you should find a new hosting server).

The more business your website brings to you, the more your website is worth, and the ore your business is worth should you decide to sell it.  The systems in your business, especially the successful ones, are worth more than your client base because if you have successful systems established, then someone can come in and buy your business, because your business isn’t you, it’s your systems.

So let’s discuss systems that can get your website to be an active lead generator for your business…..

1) Autoresponder Followup Systems

In todays world, it takes an average of  7 touches to move a prospect into a client.  You want to have automated systems in place to begin to convert your prospects into clients and an autoresponder series is a perfect example of that.  Develop your autorespo nder series so that it does more than just send out a dozen emails about your products and services.  These emails should be thought out and take the prospect one step closer to wanting you to be their service provider.  One autoresponder tactic is to have an email series that discusses in detail the top X problems your […]

5 Steps to a More Effective Website

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Having a website is certainly a necessity in today’s business environment.  However, if you want to have your website become more than an online brochure and be an active marketing partner for your business, you as a business owner need to make your website an effective lead generating tool.  So what are the differences between a standard online marketing brochure and a website that generates revenue?  Here are 5 steps to a more effective website.

1) Get a more narrowly focused section of your target market.

The more focused your target market is, the better you can connect with then.  People make decisions emotionally and justify it intellectually.  The more similarities your target market has, the easier it is to emotionally connect with your market through words, niche phrases, images, colors, offers, etc.  An example is if you are selling insurance, and focus on Gen Y’s vs. 2 income family Gen Y’s with small children who live in single family homes in urban areas.  As you can see, Gen Y’s are a very diverse group that have very different needs and interests, so by more narrowly focusing on the group, you will be able to more easily connect with the needs of your target market and communicate how you can serve their needs.   If you serve a more diverse market, separate your market into more narrowly focused groups and change your website to add landing pages that address each of these markets.  This step alone should increase the response rate of your website.

2) Include the most pressing problems your products/services solve/alleviate

It should be prominently displayed/communicated on your website about […]