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How to Know If You Need An Internet Business Strategy

Having an online presence is one thing,  Having an active online marketing tool is another.  What is the difference?

Online Presence:
An online presence can be something as simple as a website.  Many websites are online brochures that aren’t set up of for active marketing.  These kind of websites can be used for branding your business, but the only way your target market is going to see it is if you happen to send people there personally.

An online presence is the starting point for a business if their target market is found online.  Unfortunately most businesses stop here and don’t go any further.  They know they need to be online, so the put up a website and they think they’re done.

An Active Online Marketing Tool:
When you web presence is an active marketing tool for your business, this is another ball-game altogether.  An active online marketing web presence is something that is generating continuous leads and business from your website.  Your target market finds your website and calls you up, or purchases your product or service without you having to send anyone there on your own.

So how do you, as a business owner, know if you need to have an Internet Business Strategist on your team before you move forward?

You should serious look into investing in an online business strategist if you:

  1. Are looking to add additional services to your online business, or are looking to change services.
  2. Need to get more traffic to your website and aren’t sure how to go about it
  3. Want to get more business from the traffic you are currently getting
  4. Want to incorporate Social media marketing and you want to keep using your traditional marketing methods.
  5. Want to rank better in the search engines
  6. Want to generate […]

Having a Solid Internet Business Strategy – Lost Episode

Having a successful online business presence requires having a great strategy in place that will allow you to monetize your website in one or more of the many different ways you can create a revenue stream from your web traffic.  In this episode, I go over why it is important and some of the concepts that can really make a difference in the success or failure of your web site in regards to it earning an income for you.

In this show, I answer the following questions:

  • What is an Internet Business Strategy?
  • Why would a business need to be interested in having one?
  • What kinds of things are involved in an Internet Business Strategy
  • What is the first thing someone must do before they can define their IBS
  • What is the second thing someone must do before defining an IBS
  • What is the 3rd thing?
  • Where can someone find more resources?

This is an interesting and most important topic.

If you want your own customized Internet Business Strategy, contact me and I can consult with you to see if it is something that you would really require.

Listen into the show below.

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Outsourcing Secrets – Your Powerful Support Team.

Creating your powerful support team for your online business is easier than you think when you have the right step by step guidance leading you through the process.  You will know how to set up your internship program, how to market it, how to make sure you are getting the kind of qualified candidates you need, and how to keep your team going on a self perpetuating basis with minimal effort on your part.  Best of all, you will know how to create a win-win scenario for both the business owner and the Intern.

In this show, I interviewed Deanna Maio of Savvygals LLC and we covered the importance of Intern programs, how to stay within federal and state guidelines, and how they can be win/win, especially in these economic times.

Other questions that were covered include:

Question 1:    How did you get started in your business?
Question 2:    How did you come up with the idea to create your own free powerful support team?
Question 3:    Why would a biz owner want to have an intern(s)?
Question 4:    What size of business and what type business could benefit have an intern program?
Question 5:    What are the benefits of having interns?
Question 6:    Why would an intern want to work for free? What are the benefits to the them?
Question 7:    What could an intern do for you in your business owner?

Many other questions and answers were covered as well.
Deanna will be giving a workshop on April 22nd 2010 on how to create your powerful support team.  She will go step by step on HOW to do this and stay legal, and create a system that provides a real benefit to the community.  You don’t have much time to sign […]

How to Succeed on the Internet

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In this show aired on Dec. 16th, I discuss how to succeed on the Internet.  The basic foundation for any success is in the mindset and the habits that one creates as they are starting out a business.  If this basic foundation isn’t in place, then it doesn’t matter how many tricks, techniques or strategies you use, your Internet presence will not be as successful or as profitable, if at all, as it could be.

I cover the answers to these questions in this show.  Listen in for some valuable insight.

Why do so many Internet Businesses Fail Today?
How can you avoid the failing masses?
What are the foundations of a successful Internet Business
What is Leverage and How can you use it on the Internet for maximum gain?
What is the Key to Continuous Growth and Expansion
What is the difference between doing work and making deals?
What constitutes making deals?

Let us know what you think of this episode.  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

FTC and How it Will Affect Your Online Presence

We had Doug Griess, an lawyer who specializes in Internet law, of Dymond, Reager and Colville LLC.  The FTC recently has changed some of its rulings that affect anyone that has a website.  It is important to get to know that these rule changes are and how they can affect you.  If you sell a product or service online, whether it be your own or others, you will want to listen to this show and know just what knds of things will be red flags for the FTC.

This is part 1 of the FTC rule changes…  you’ll certainly want to listen to this episode as you could almost certainly be affected.

Below are some of the questions we answered on the show.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the FTC?
Question 2: Why did the FTC make the changes?
Question 3: What are the rule changes in general?
Question 4: When do the rule changes take effect?
Question 5: What kind of websites will be affected by the rule changes?
Question 6: What are the key concepts for understanding the rule changes?
Question 7: Where the rules evaluated, critiqued before they were adopted?
Question 8: What are the any positive effects of the rule changes?
Question 9: Do these changes apply to persoanal and business sites?
Question 10: Does this apply to voice testimonials as well?
Question 11: Do these rules apply to International Sites?

Here is some more info on the FTC Guidelines.

Listen in using the link below.

The Sales Tax Implications of Your Online Business

This show discusses the tax implications of your online business when you are doing business within the State of Colorado. Listen in to where you can find more information and the schedule of free classes.

In this show, we interview Caron Notarmuzi of the State of Colorado.

Caron Notarmuzi is the Taxpayer Service Division Trainer at the Colorado Department of Revenue. Caron conducts many “live” classes every week for business owners in Colorado, those who prepare sales/use tax returns for Colorado businesses, and out-of-state businesses doing business in Colorado on the laws surrounding sales and use taxes. There are many different class offerings since some laws only pertain to certain businesses/industries.

Some of the questions that were covered include:

Question 1: Are all businesses required to get a sales tax license for sales in Colorado including those who only sell via the Internet?
Question 2: Do businesses only need one sales tax license for all sales transactions that take place in Colorado?
Question 3: Do businesses collect sales tax when deliveries are shipped out of the state?
Question 4: How do businesses get a sales tax license and what are the fees?
Question 5: What sales tax rates are applied to sales tax transactions in Colorado (i.e. what is the “point of taxation” in Colorado?)
Question 6: Are all sales taxes collected remitted to the Department of Revenue for all jurisdictions?
Question 7: How do businesses figure out what their combined sales tax rate is for their business and is that rate applied to all their locations if they have more than one location?
Question 8: What resources are available to the public?
Question 9: for out of state companies how can they […]