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Social Media and Social Networking Tips

In this show, we went over social media and social networking.  The main focus was about some of the different social networking tips that can help integrate your website better with the different social networking sites that are out there. We discussed some things that you should focus on when you are using Facebook and some of the other major social networking sites. The questions that were covered include:

Question 1:    What is Social Media Networking
Question 2:    Why is it Popular?
Question 3:    What should you put in your social networking profile
Question 4:    What shouldn’t you put in your social networking profile
Question 5:    Is Social Networking a good marketing medium?
Question 6:    How to Use social networking sites to promote your blog and business

On this weeks show, we had Nima M. interviewing me and asking me the questions while I answered them.  It was a good show and Nima had some great imput of his own as well.  Listen in and get some great tips on Social Networking.

Twitter Business Power Tips

In this show, Grandma Mary and I discuss some of the business power tips that are essential for business owners to know about when it comes to twitter and how to use twitter most effectively. There are a lot of things that business owners can do wrong when using twitter, and these things can get in the way of being able to actually bring in more business by using twitter.  This radio show covers some great tips on being able to use twitter effectively and efficiently.  Listen in as we cover the answers to:

Question 1:    How do I decide if I should be on Twitter?
Question 2:    How much time do I need to spend on Twitter?
Question 3:    How to do I find people to follow?
Question 4:    How to do I find things to Tweet about?
Question 5:    How do I measure my ROI?
Question 6:    is there an easy way to find out who didn’t respond to invites so you don’t hit limit on friending
Question 7:    How to find the influential people

We cover more as well…  Listen in.

For those that want to get more tips and tactics for Twitter, this ebook has it all!

Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

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Teleseminar on How to use Social Networking to Get More Traffic to Your Website

On November 19th, at 12:00pm Mountain Time there will be a unique teleseminar workshop on how to use Social Media to get more business to your website.  B. Hopkins of Psiphon Consulting will be talking with Grandma Mary, a slightly cranky Social Media Edutainer, who helps small businesses leverage the power of social media.  Both presenters, experts in their own right in terms of Internet Business Strategies, will deliver an informative, and memorable experience on social media.
The title of the telseminar is called:  “Learn How To Use Social Networking To Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Increase Your Online Profitability.”  The level of this teleseminar will be geared to those who are beginners to the Internet and especially social network, to those that are familiar with social networking but just haven’t been able to make it work for them.
Grandma Mary’s unique style of sharing information makes the whole topic of Social Media and Social Networking much less intimidating, and much more entertaining for the social networking newbie’s.  Her unique style, combined with B’s unique sense of humor make for a very informative, light and easy to understand the topic and even gain a little courage to be adventurous!
Some of the topics that will be discussed in the teleseminar include:
  Is web site ROI higher than traditional marketing ROI?
  How do I get my web presence to generate more business?
  How to keep all the information we are pushing out to the Internet coordinated?
  Where do I start in Social Media?
  How do I determine the best social media outlet for my business?
  How do I maximize my time?
  Can a local business benefit from Social Media?

To register for this free teleseminar, go  […]

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