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Webinar: How to Increase Your Website's Online Performance

Maximizing Your Website Income Through Increased Web Performance.

Monday, December 16th 4:00pm EST!






Presented By: B. Hopkins

On the Internet, your website is your welcome mat to your target audience.
There are many things that occur in a visitors mind when deciding to use your services or not.

Is you website set up to take advantage of as much of the traffic it receives as
possible - especially for the Holiday Season?

Getting more people buy your product or service, or give you a call from your website depends upon many factors including:

  • How targeted your market is
  • How clearly you can communicate the benefits of your services to your target market
  • How comfortable your visitors feel with using your services

Web design and content have a clear impact on the ability for a website to convert visitors, yet unless the website owner has a crystal ball and can see exactly what is the best combination for the highest conversion rates, the process of improving conversion rates can be quite involved.

B. Hopkins of Psiphon Consulting owner and creator of several wordpress blogs and author of more than 100 articles, shares with you some of the things you can do over time to increase web conversion, and some of the things you can do today to increase web conversion to increase you profits. You will learn some effective strategies as well as the 'web converion for dummies' method.  


B. will be presenting a 60 minute workshop called Maximizing Your Website Income Through Greater Conversions for a select few. Here's some of what B. will be covering in this awesome NOT-To-Be-Missed class:

At the end of this session, participants will know:

  1. What is a conversion rate
  2. What elements are the most important in increasing conversion rates and how to do so
  3. What should be on every page of your website
  4. What is the 'web conversion for dummies' (WCD) method - The one simple thing you can do to increase your web conversion right away
  5. Why is the WCD method so effective.

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Suggested Attendees: Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Marketing professionals, Small business owners, and Web designers. 

About the Presenter:
b hopkins
B. Hopkins owns and manages several websites in several different niches, and has experience in getting targeted traffic, converting that traffic into leads or revenue, and also capturing that traffic to market to for future products and services. She has taught many workshops and classes both online and offline and is a prolific writer. She hosts a radio show called "the Internet Business Strategies Show" which discusses different online strategies to turn a web presence into a revenue generating asset. This Web Programmer and Online Marketing Expert knows all about how to minimize the time and effort it takes into creating a powerful and profitable online presence.





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