What Clients Say

Psiphon Consulting provides straightforward, practical, and very useful tips on how to navigate the unbelievably confusing realm of internet marketing. The 2 hour session was well worth the investment.
Linda Jackson, Jackson and Schmidt
“I affectionately call Siphon Consulting/Morewebsiteexposure.com the “internet guru” specifically as it relates to running an online business – because she is just that. I have always been impressed with her vast knowledge and professionalism relating to all things necessary to run an online business…”
Linda H., Entrepreneurcommunityonline.com

Keeping your website from being roadkill on the Information Superhighway…

We want to empower businesses to new heights through being successfull from the Internet.

There is a lot information out there about how to be succesful online and our mission is to take away the stress of what to do and how to do it and to ultimately have fun with your success on the Internet.
We are a company that can give you a personalized experience from start to finish.

Who Is Psiphon Consulting?

Our Company Mission
Our mission is to support small businesses into being more self sufficient and increase their income growth.
Our Philosophy
We implement our mission by supporting small businesses into being able to use the Internet as a tool to increase their residual income.
Our Promise
We work with you as an individual owner. Each business has their own needs and we know that a one solution fits all is not true. We approach you knowing that one solution fits one business.
Also Known as Morewebsiteexposure.com
We are also known as Morewebsiteexposure.com to give others an easier way to remember what we do for you.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Programming 90%
Business Development 95%
Digital Marketing 90%
WordPress 85%
Webinar Production 75%
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