Our Services Keep Your Website From Being Roadkill on the Information Superhighway so Your Web Presence Can Earn You More With Less Effort:

Our services are designed to support your business in the areas that are required for online success with minimum maintenance.

  • Internet Business Strategies – Developing your business on the Internet
  • Digital Technology Evangelist
  • Digital Marketing/Web Site Promotion
  • Back End Web Design & Development – Certified in specific technologies.
  • E-commerce
  • WordPress Website Setup and Programming
  • Web site hosting / e-mail setup
  • Domain name hosting & setup
  • Internet Business Consultation
  • Product lifecycle, from Requirements Gathering to Deployment.
  • Business process analysis/automation
  • Database design – Certified
  • Training

Psiphon Consulting’s Other Services

Our services are designed for an ultimate goal… generating more revenue for your business from the Internet.

Digital Business Strategies

Our customized Internet Business Strategy Plan will show you what you need to do and how you need to do it to get the online results you are looking for.

Once you complete your session, you will have a detailed plan that you can have us implement, do it yourself, or have an employee implement it for you. You will now have the ability to intelligently tell your employee exactly what you want done and why it’s necessary to do!

  • You can reach your goals sooner by getting started right away
  • You can save $$$ by doing what works the 1st time.

Internet Consulting

Your website is your online asset and has the ability to generate residual revenue and new business if it is set up properly. For that, you need to use strategies and tactics that all have the same intention and goal from the beginning to be able to have long term success more quickly and with less effort. You need to have these key components in place in order for that to happen:

  • Strong Search Engine Presence
  • Strong Social Networking Presence
  • Targeted Traffic To Your Website
  • Website Strategies To Convert Traffic
  • Plan to Monetize Website Traffic
  • Long Term Multiple Streams of Income Strategy

SEO Positioning

Your customized SEO service includes the following:

  • 1-2 Hours of intensive consultation
  • How to make simple changes to your website for better response
  • Content suggestions for more targeted and convertible traffic
  • Detailed keyword analysis
  • Keywords you need to incorporate on your website for better response and how to add them into your website
  • Set it and forget it system. You will minimally have to interact with us once the system is set up and running
  • Online SEO keyword positioning for up to 10 keyword phrases
  • Increased industry branding – strengthen your business’ positioning within the industry and selected keyword categories
  • Press release submitted to major media outlets for more exposure for your business ($240 value)

Webinar Solutions

Our Webinar Production Service Plan:
This service is a hassle free system of setting up the webinar for you. All you have to do is show up with your PowerPoint and do the presentation. We handle everything else for you which includes:

  • Webinar Platform (up to 1000 attendees) plus webinar recording
  • Webinar Sales Page Creation (includes sales content, SEO, layout)
  • Webinar Signup Process (includes Aweber Integration and survey question)
  • Payment Processing/Ecommerce setup
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Free video on how to create effective webinars plus coaching
  • Webinar setup for automatic scheduled replay
    The webinar marketing includes:

  • Email Marketing/list sponsorship
  • Promotion on several websites
  • 1-2 Press releases submitted to major media outlets (up to $480 value)
  • Social media marketing to Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter

WordPress Website & Training

Take our WordPress training classes that include:

  • How to Create a Website in WordPress
    Learn how to use WordPress to create an entire web site. You will get it all, how to set up your blog and the pages that you need to work with to get a complete site.
  • How to Surpercharge Your WordPress Blog -Learn what you need to do to your wordpress blog to:
    • get better rankings in the search engines
    • spend less time dealing with spam
    • improve your communication with yoru target market for more leads
    • increase the rate of social media sharing and interaction for more traffic

Website Assessment

Find the Diamond Mine in Your Web Site.

Our assessment and implementation package helps put strategies that make you money from your website
Are you looking for additional income streams for your business to make ends meet, or to bump up your ability to extend your customer service, or pay for additional training? In our assessment, we help you uncover the hidden the diamond mine in your online presence.

Why Choose Us

      • Your stress level will go down with us at the helm to do the things for you that you normally worry about
      • You will experience an increase in revenue through our ability to see income opportunities for your business
      • Your confidence level will go up as we coach you and you begin to see the Internet is not such a frightening place
      • Cash flow stresses will diminish as we show you where you can create new income opportunities
      • Keep more cash in your pocket because we know what it’s like to be a small business owner and whether we work with small business or large businesses, we know how to create effective solutions that don’t break the bank

What Clients Say

On Behalf of the ATL Board, I’d like to thank you for all of your hard work in successfully posting Our first website… Because of you, women will be able to get applications quicker. Also because of you, Women will hear about our organization and will receive assistance.
Again, Thank You.
K. Mitchel, Westminister, CO
I had very little knowledge – not just about Web design, but about starting my own business, developing marketing strategies and even some basic business rules. In many ways, I walked into Psiphòn Consulting as a blank sheet of paper with an idea – and I walked away as a book, filled with helpful information and a dynamic Web site. My experience was very pleasant and insightful. My business is off to a great start and I have Psiphòn Consulting to thank. If word of mouth is the best advertisement, I plan to be a walking billboard. Thanks, Psiphòn Consulting!
A. Harvey, Let's TALK