Tools You Need to Hold a Money Making Teleseminar

This show will be about what kinds of tools you need to hold a teleseminar that will generate revenue for you. Why you would need to hold a teleseminar and what kinds of benefits that holding regular the importance of holding a teleseminars will give your business.  In this episode, I covered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is a teleseminar?
Question 2:    Why would a business want to have one?
Question 3:    What are minimum of the tools that are needed for a teleseminar?
Question 4:    What tools/services do you need for a money making teleseminar?
Question 5:    How can you re-purpose, make money with your teleseminar?
Question 6:    What are some of the different services out there?
Question 7:    how do you price your teleseminar?

Here is  a list of teleseminar services and resources:

Radio Show Announcements

There is also a webinar class planned for September 17th on How to Get Your Website to Sell Products and Services,

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Internet Business Strategies – Marketing Your Business Through Teleseminars

In this show, I covered the topic of using teleseminars to market your product or services.  I covered the different kinds of teleseminars that one could do to market their product or service and how they can benefit from giving a free teleseminar.

In this show I cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1: What is a Teleseminar
Question 2: Why would I want to use them to promote my business
Question 3: What kinds of teleseminars can I have
Question 4: What kinds of services do I need To Host a teleseminar (free) & Paid
Question 5: How Should I run a teleseminar
Question 6: Should I record the teleseminar?
Question 7: How can I monetize a free teleseminar (gain clients) (sell products)
Question 8: What kind of followup should I have? (should I sell the recording?)
Question 9: How do you market your teleseminar?

Listen in for more on how to use telesminars.

If you are a beginner, check out this resource on how to do teleseminars:

For a really good teleseminar service worth the investment if you do teleseminars on a regular basis, check out this teleseminar service:

This is a great place to promote your teleseminars:

Free Teleseminar For Women Entrepreneurs on How to Get More Performance Out Of Their Website

Denver, CO  September 25, 2009  – The web has become an integral part of a businesses marketing strategy, especially for those businesses that are serious about growing their client and customer base. However, a competent and well though out strategy is really the only way to go if a business wants to see a return on their online investment.

Psiphon Consulting an Internet Business Strategy company out of the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado, will be giving a free 1 hour teleseminar on September 29th at 1:00pm Eastern for Creme Magnolia members. The teleseminar called, “Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website” will focus on basic, yet fundamental, things that a web site owner can do that will improve the response rate of their web site.

“One of the most overlooked things that entrepreneurs do when planning their marketing strategy is how their web site actually performs.” said B. Hopkins, president of Psiphon Consulting. “This aspect of any company’s Internet strategy is the most important because it doesn’t matter how much traffic a web site gets, if no one is responding, then it is all gone to waste.” said Hopkins.

The teleseminar, given by Creme Magnolia, is part of a series of monthly Teleseminar training classes that are free to Creme Magnolia members. Currently, membership is free and business owners cam sign up at This month’s teleseminar is focusing on the more technical aspects of marketing a business.

Those that are interested in finding out how to make their web site perform better can sign up for the free teleseminar at and ask to be put on the mailing list so they can get the call-in information […]

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