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Online Business Strategy – the Top 3 Things You Need to Know to Lock in Online Success

Creating success online is like creating success in any other endeavor in life.  You first will need a roadmap of where to go and what to do at each step of the way.  There are so many tactics and techniques out there that anyone can get confused and overwhelmed about what they can do to create ultimate success for their own business and online presence.

What most website owners don’t realize is that many of these courses available about how to be successful online cover some great information, yet they only cover that one small topic, and not necessarily how it fits into the whole.  For instance, there might be a course on how to set up your website to be on autopilot in creating residual revenue through Clickbank, and the ideas are very sound, yet they don’t talk about how  to send the traffic to your website to make the sales, or how to determine which kind of traffic is best to send.

Understanding your overall online strategy first before you either hire out someone to implement part or all of it for you, or end up taking the training you need to be able to do it yourself will give you the edge because you will know what kind of training you need, what the courses must cover to know if the will be helpful or not, and the ability to immediately implement what you have learned in the courses.

So the top 3 things you would need to know that will set the right foundation for your web strategy include:

  1. Who is your target market?  – This is absolutely crucial because this will determine how you need to communicate to your visitor, where your website […]

How do I get my web presence to generate more business?

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This is a very common question that really has several parts to it.  Overall, generating more business can mean 1 of 2 different things, or both things together.  The first step is to have an overall business strategy.  You will need to decide on a target market and connect to that market.  Who is it you love to serve?  That passion will show itself on your web site, and that is what gets the clicks, phone calls, sales, email signups, etc.  That passion cannot be communicated to your target market if it isn’t there.

Another factor in generating more business from your web presence is being very aware of where your traffic is coming from.  What is your strategy for placing your links out on the web?  Random link exchanges and placing your links on directories that are filled with junk websites will not bring you visitors worth anything.  Those links may get you some search engine ranking clout, but in the long run, it’s what you receive is not worth the effort it takes to do all of that insignificant directory submissions.  4 or 5 good, quality and targeted directories will give you better results than 300 poor quality general directories.  So take the time up front to develop your strategy before you move forward on some random tactic here and there.

So what are the steps to generating more business?

  1. Determine your target market – the more defined and the smaller the better.  – you will be able to more easily connect with that market when it shares more characteristics in common.  Find out as much as you […]

Having a Solid Internet Business Strategy – Lost Episode

Having a successful online business presence requires having a great strategy in place that will allow you to monetize your website in one or more of the many different ways you can create a revenue stream from your web traffic.  In this episode, I go over why it is important and some of the concepts that can really make a difference in the success or failure of your web site in regards to it earning an income for you.

In this show, I answer the following questions:

  • What is an Internet Business Strategy?
  • Why would a business need to be interested in having one?
  • What kinds of things are involved in an Internet Business Strategy
  • What is the first thing someone must do before they can define their IBS
  • What is the second thing someone must do before defining an IBS
  • What is the 3rd thing?
  • Where can someone find more resources?

This is an interesting and most important topic.

If you want your own customized Internet Business Strategy, contact me and I can consult with you to see if it is something that you would really require.

Listen into the show below.

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Answer Your Internet Business Questions Day – Internet Business Strategies Show

Today’s episode covers general questions that I have received from customers or web visitors relating on creating a powerful web presence.   The questions range from social media, to article marketing, to traffic generation techniques to web conversion and more.  The topic of Internet Business Strategies is a large one and can involve many aspects, yet each one is important in creating the road-map of what needs to be done to get a web presence from point A to point B.

Listen in as you get the answers to the following questions.

Question 1:    I want to learn more linkedin
Question 2:    How to write a good call to action and How often to submit articles?
Question 3:    How can I implement videos, .mp3s and advertising on my WordPress site.
Question 4:    How to get customers to order from your site.
Question 5:    Top search engine ranking followed by getting visitors to the site.
Question 6:    how to establish credibility online and getting the target audience to the website?
Question 7:    How do I capture names/e-mail addresses of blog visitors?
Question 8:    How to prevent business blog from becoming boring and mundane.
Question 9:    How to do the least expensive advertising on the web

Internet Business Radio Show – 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Design Your Web Site

In this radio episode, which aired Sept 16th 2009, we discussed the 5 things you need to know about your web site before you begin designing it.  If you have already designed your web site, don’t despair, you can always make changes.  It may just mean you would have to do some things over again.

What did we discuss specifically?  Well, we discussed the following:

1) Who is your target audience

2) What makes you different than anyone else

3) How do you want people to find you

4) What do you want people to do once they get to your web site

5) How do you want to lead people through your web site.

The answers to these questions are discussed in detail on the radio show.  Listen in for your audio education.