Are You Building Your Website to Be An Online Asset?

Your web presence, especially your web site, is in reality an online asset.    What is an asset?  In the definition of Robert Kiyosaki’s  terminology, an asset

is something that generates income for you.  In his meaning, it is usually on a residual basis, however it doesn’t have to be.

In any case, your website can easily be an asset where it is generating residual revenue for your business.  Residual revenue can mean, receiving convertible leads for your company, or actually selling product/service from your website on a consistent basis.  The problem is that most business owners use their website as a online brochure.  Their online strategy doesn’t build upon their website and continue to add value to allow the website to powerfully add an additional revenue stream to their business. They don’t have a long term plan that would consistently build value to their website that they can capitalize upon.

The question is, did you originally set up your web site to be an online asset or an online brochure?  If you in reality have an online brochure and would like to transition your web site into being an online asset that generates residual revenue, there are some things that you will need to focus on in order to make that happen.

What are the factors that determine how well a web site generates ongoing revenue?

1) Targeted  Traffic:

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood to a website.  The more targeted the traffic is, the easier it is to connect with the visitors who come to the website and the easier it is to stand out from other websites […]

WordPress Blogging Tips – Top Mistake Blog Owners Make

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that can also be used as an

entire website.  This blogging software is powerful enough to fit the needs of most small businesses when it comes to using this platform to create an entire website.  In fact, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there today and in use by both large and small businesses.

One of WordPress’ major benefits is that it is very a flexible platform due to the large number of plugins available for the platform.  These plugins add functionality, therefore allowing WordPress to be able to fulfill most kinds of standard website application requirements. This is the main reason why this blogging platform is used by many website owners today.

Even with the quickly growing adoption of this blogging platform, many users still don’t know how to set up the blog so that it makes optimum use of its features to be able to improve their SEO ranking as well as automate some of the maintenance functionality that will save a lot of time and frustration in managing the website.

One of the biggest mistakes that WordPress users make is choosing the default setting in how the URL’s of the blog pages are created.  This is very important because the choosing the correct setting is an extremely easy way to improve the website’s SEO rankings.

The image below shows one of the permalink settings that should be used.  Notice something other than the default setting is picked…

Blog URL: Linking Settings

The reason why this setting […]

What You Should Look For In A Web Hosting Provider – The Lost Episode

Here is the lost episode of the Internet Business Strategies Show, called:  What you should look for in a Web Hosting Provider.  This episode aired on: 1/19/11 .  We had Ryan Kekos from GearHost on the show sharing some great information on web hosting, and how to improve your web hosting experience.

On this show, we covered the following questions:

What does a web host do for my business and me?
How do I choose the best web host for my website?
How do I know which web hosting package is best for me?
Does it cost a lot?
Why not use a free host?
What technical specifications do I need to be concerned with?
What services should I expect from my host provider?
What kind of support should my host provider offer?

Listen in to get the answers to these questions and other questions.

You can find out more about Gearhost here.

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3 Advantages to Having an Ecommerce Business

1) Low Overhead

Running an online store requires much less monetary cost to maintain and operate than running a traditional brick and mortar storefront. The costs for an online presence include a shopping cart, merchant account, gateway, hosting, web hosting, domain name and secure certificate. A traditional brick and mortar storefront has to deal with rent, utilities, cleaning and maintenance costs, employees, merchant account and card reader at a minimum. Having a business online is better because the overhead is much lower than the offline counterpart.

2) Convenience

Having an online presence is much more convenient than having a physical storefront. Running your online business can be done from the convenience of your own home, on the beach, at the ski slopes, or in any remote office. All that is required is a computer and an Internet connection. It is also convenient because your online storefront is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It doesn’t require you be online because sales of products and services will occur without any human intervention.

A physical storefront requires that someone be in the store in order for business to take place. If no one is in the store to run the cash register, open the doors and serve the customers, then no business can happen. The business owner has to make sure either someone else or them self is available to manage the store.

3) Larger Market Base

An online business gives the business owner a much greater reach to their target market. Anyone from anywhere in the world can purchase your products and services directly from your web site. For physical products, an online merchant would want to have a […]

Maximizing Your Website Conversion – Web Design

In this show, B. Hopkins interviews Todd Barrs of Spyglass LLC, and we discuss one of the most overlooked aspects of having an online presence….  Web conversion.  What are the visitors doing when they get to your web site?  If they are leaving right away, you have some work to do to increase the numbers of people who are staying on your web site.  The fortunate thing is that there are some things you can do to increase your web site’s effectiveness.  In this show, we discuss the following:

Question 1:    What is conversion optimization?
Question 2:    Why is conversion optimization so important to web marketing success?
Question 3:    How does conversion optimization relate to SEO?
Question 4:    Where should conversion optimization fit into a marketing plan?
Question 5:    What can website owners do to begin improving their website’s conversion rates?
Question 6:    On which web pages does conversion optimization have the greatest effect?
Question 7:    Which web page elements have the greatest effect on conversion rates?
Question 8:    Is statistical testing necessary for successful conversion optimization?
Question 9:    What tools and services are available to website owners in order to begin improving their website’s conversion rates?
Question 10:    how much does it cost to make a website?

Also, in B’s Bytes:  I give one tip to the following question:

“How do I get more people to comment on my blog?”

For 3 more tips on how to get more people to comment on your blog postings, sign up for a 30 minute free web assessment.

Ways to get multiple uses out of your web content

In this show, I cover how to get multiple uses out of the web content that you have created.  Just because you have written an article, or have done a blog post, doesn’t mean that’s the end of it…  No siree!  you can do multiple things with the content that you have written once already.  Using your content multiple times will allow you to get more exposure to your web site,  grow your business, and generate more income.  This show, fewer questions were answered, which allowed me to answer them more in-depth.  The topics covered were the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content?
Question 2:    What forms does web content come into?
Question 3:    What can I do with web content?
Question 4:    What are some of the benefits of re-purposing web content?
Question 5:    Can I use other’s web content?

Listen in for more insights to repurposing web content.

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5 Tips That Will Improve Your Pay Per Click Performance

In this show B. Hopkins interviews Matt Dombrow of Clixo about Pay Per Click strategies and some of the mistakes business owners make when creating a pay per click campaign.  Pay Per Click is a form of Internet Advertising that can create instant traffic to your web site, and when implemented correctly, can create a lot of revenue for the web site owner.  It as a form of online bidding for the position of your ad, and most of these types of ads can be found on the major search engines.  On this episode, we discuss, strategies, mistakes, and other specific questions about search engine marketing.  Listen in for the answers to these following questions.

Question 1:    What is the secret to successful search marketing?
Question 2:    What is the hottest trend in search marketing?
Question 3:    What types of results should people expect from search marketing?
Question 4:    What are the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a search marketing agency?
Question 5:    What elements of search marketing do people drop the ball on?
Question 6:    What can listeners do to ensure they get the help they need when hiring an agency?
Question 7:    Are there any resources or tools you recommend?
Question 8:    If someone is just getting started with search marketing, where do they begin?
Question 9:    What are your thoughts on social media?
Question 10:    What blogs or other media do you pay attention to?
Question 11:    who tracks the conversion of the leads
Question 12:    How do you feel about providing some value first on social media as a criteria to get involved?

To find out more about Clixo, go to

How the New FTC Ruling Affects how we run our Web Businesses – Pt 2

This is the 2nd part of our interview of how we run our web businesses after the FTC rulings have taken effect.  Our web businesses can be our sole source of income, so if we don’t understand how these changes affect us. our income can be seriously effected.  This episode covers the remainder of the questions that we didn’t have time to answer in part 1 of the show back in November.  You can find Part 1 of the new FTC rulings Here.

In this episode, Doug Greiss of Dymond Reagor Colville, LLP covered answers to the following questions.

Question 1: How could I modify a website to comply with the rule changes?
Question 2: What are the penalties for non-compliance?
Question 3: What are the any positive effects of the rule changes?
Question 4: Does it now mean advertising on the Internet is subject to the same laws as other advertising?
Question 5: How does the FTC enforce the Rule?
Question 6: Is it necessary to use an outside attorney or consultant?
Question 7: Where can I get more information?
Question 8: how did the ads on tv change?
Question 9: where can you go to get help to understand what applies to you?
Question 10: what are some examples of FTC change?

Listen in for more the insightful answers.

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Setting Up Your Web Site as an Internet Business

In this show, we discuss the different aspects of setting your website up as a business and approaching your whole web presence as an asset that you can make residual revenue from.  Most people who start up web sites don’t have this in mind.  The topics we covered included:

Question 1: Why is it important to set my web site up as a business? What if I just want an online brochure?
Question 2: Why is it important to automate?
Question 3: What can I automate
Question 4: Why is it important to create systems
Question 5: What kinds of systems should I create for my internet presence
Question 6: What can I leverage with my web site?

Listen in for the answers to these questions and more…