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Top 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Web Content for Profits

Content is still king on the Internet and quality content is the emperor.  With so much spam content out there, it isn’t too hard to come up with quality content.  So what is quality content?  It is content that your readers deem important, or valuable.  Some types of popular content considered to be of quality amongst website visitors and blog readers, is content that can solve a problem, share a solution, or take the reader away from reality for a while.

So once you write that piece of content, (it could be something as simple as a 500 word article), you will want to get as much traction as you can, because that will draw in the visitors that you want because they will be more likely to purchase your products and services.

Here are the top 5 ways to repurpose your content:

1) Create a blog entry with your content
If you have a blog, placing the article on your blog will do a few things.  1) it will help you get more established in your field an more established as an expert.
2) It will help send more traffic to your website.  Each new blog posts has a chance to be picked up by the search engines as well as other blogs.  I have links back to specific blog posts on my blog all the time from other blogs sharing the content topic with their readers.

2) Create a Video Version of your content.
This can be done in a few different ways, probably the easiest way would be to make a mini power point of your article and then do a voice narration of the article as you go through the slides.   Software such as Camtasia […]

How to Write Quality Content – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this show, I discuss some of the things you need to understand in order to write quality content.  Content is the one thing on the web that will make or break your success on the Internet.  The more quality content you have, the better your results are in marketing your web presence.  I cover the basic understanding of content and quality content in this episode of the show.  Read on to find the answers to the following:

Question 1:    Why is writing quality content so important
Question 2:    What is quality content according to SEO standards
Question 3:    What are the steps to writing quality content
Question 4:    What are some of the mistakes to avoid in writing quality content
Question 5:    How can you find out more about your audience
Question 6:    How do you maintain fresh content over time?
Question 7:    How do you write content for websites that get traffic
Question 8:    What are some other tips for writing quality content?

How to repurpose your web content

This show covered how you can take an article and then get valuable use out of it by creating a number of different types of web content offerings from it.  For example, an article can turn into a blog posting, a podcast, a video, an ebook (several articles) and even a webinar or teleseminar.  Understanding the progression of how you can re-purpose your content can really open things up for your online presence.

In addition to discussing the content repurpose process, I also gave answers to the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content
Question 2:    What does it mean to repurpose it
Question 3:    What are some of the different ways to repurpose it
Question 4:    What is a good repurposing strategy
Question 5:    How do you deal with the reality B that there has been so much crap being sold on the Internet that now most people percive that everything is crap?
Question 6:    How do we find out what people want to hear and how they want to hear it vs the experts deciding on what they think their customers want to hear and how they want to hear it?
Question 7:    would you need a team to do all this b because no one person can do all this

Listen in for more.

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Web Copy – Tips that will Make it More Responsive

In this show with Gloria Rand, we covered some of the most important tips about writing content for the web that many small business owners seem to look over.  While we were on the show, we had many questions from the audience about what business owners need to do to their web sites to make them more effective, and why they would wantto care about what their website was like.

In this show, we answered the following questions:

Question 1:    What is the secret to successful internet marketing?
Question 2:    Why is writing for the web different?
Question 3:    What are the biggest mistakes people make in their online marketing efforts?
Question 4:    What are the most effective strategies you’ve found for writing copy that sells?
Question 5:    Are there any resources or tools you recommend?
Question 6:    If someone wants to write their own web site copy, where do they begin?
Question 7:     What can listeners do to ensure they get the help they need when hiring a copywriter?
Question 8:    importance of web copy
Question 9:    Social networking copy
Question 10:    ny creative ideas how to engage people whom have been breanwashed by the media advertising campaigns?
Question 11:    How to start a conversation
Question 12:    how to you get someone involved in what you have to offer

Listen into the show to discover the answers to these questions:

Also this weeks special is the following:

  • A 10% discount on any copywriting service to anyone who mentions hearing this interview.

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B’s Bytes:

How to […]

Ways to get multiple uses out of your web content

In this show, I cover how to get multiple uses out of the web content that you have created.  Just because you have written an article, or have done a blog post, doesn’t mean that’s the end of it…  No siree!  you can do multiple things with the content that you have written once already.  Using your content multiple times will allow you to get more exposure to your web site,  grow your business, and generate more income.  This show, fewer questions were answered, which allowed me to answer them more in-depth.  The topics covered were the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content?
Question 2:    What forms does web content come into?
Question 3:    What can I do with web content?
Question 4:    What are some of the benefits of re-purposing web content?
Question 5:    Can I use other’s web content?

Listen in for more insights to repurposing web content.

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