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Having a Solid Internet Business Strategy – Lost Episode

Having a successful online business presence requires having a great strategy in place that will allow you to monetize your website in one or more of the many different ways you can create a revenue stream from your web traffic.  In this episode, I go over why it is important and some of the concepts that can really make a difference in the success or failure of your web site in regards to it earning an income for you.

In this show, I answer the following questions:

  • What is an Internet Business Strategy?
  • Why would a business need to be interested in having one?
  • What kinds of things are involved in an Internet Business Strategy
  • What is the first thing someone must do before they can define their IBS
  • What is the second thing someone must do before defining an IBS
  • What is the 3rd thing?
  • Where can someone find more resources?

This is an interesting and most important topic.

If you want your own customized Internet Business Strategy, contact me and I can consult with you to see if it is something that you would really require.

Listen into the show below.

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What You Should Look For In A Web Hosting Provider – The Lost Episode

Here is the lost episode of the Internet Business Strategies Show, called:  What you should look for in a Web Hosting Provider.  This episode aired on: 1/19/11 .  We had Ryan Kekos from GearHost on the show sharing some great information on web hosting, and how to improve your web hosting experience.

On this show, we covered the following questions:

What does a web host do for my business and me?
How do I choose the best web host for my website?
How do I know which web hosting package is best for me?
Does it cost a lot?
Why not use a free host?
What technical specifications do I need to be concerned with?
What services should I expect from my host provider?
What kind of support should my host provider offer?

Listen in to get the answers to these questions and other questions.

You can find out more about Gearhost here.

click  below to listen to this powerful 1 hour show!

Lastest Internet Business Strategies Radio Shows and Update

Hello everyone!
I haven’t forgotten you if you were wondering what has happened to the Radio show and the updates. I am in the process of moving the shows to another site and will upload the last few shows here to this blog. I will then tell you how you can access the older shows if you want to hear them for your own self education. I had some great shows that covered some awesome material on how to develop a powerful Internet presence, and covered all kinds of topics.

Now I am moving into webinars, and creating some powerful webinar series as I feel it can more strongly support my listeners and many of the small business owners and  entrepreneurs with their growth.

So keep listening… I’ll have the updates within the next few weeks!

Until then, if you have an interest in knowing more about webinars and how to do a powerful webinar presentation, you can attend the webinar I have this Friday at 3:00pm Eastern.

Webinar info is at: Powerful Webinar Presentations

There are some great things planned for this year for everyone here!  Especially with the new Google update (The Farmer Update).  What does that mean for everyone?  Well, if you focus on good content, then not much.  I have focused on good content and see that good article marketing is still very much effective.  If you were doing bad article marketing, then you will see the effect of that.  We can discuss that and so much more as time goes on.

To your success!

Answer Your Internet Business Questions Day – Internet Business Strategies Show

Today’s episode covers general questions that I have received from customers or web visitors relating on creating a powerful web presence.   The questions range from social media, to article marketing, to traffic generation techniques to web conversion and more.  The topic of Internet Business Strategies is a large one and can involve many aspects, yet each one is important in creating the road-map of what needs to be done to get a web presence from point A to point B.

Listen in as you get the answers to the following questions.

Question 1:    I want to learn more linkedin
Question 2:    How to write a good call to action and How often to submit articles?
Question 3:    How can I implement videos, .mp3s and advertising on my WordPress site.
Question 4:    How to get customers to order from your site.
Question 5:    Top search engine ranking followed by getting visitors to the site.
Question 6:    how to establish credibility online and getting the target audience to the website?
Question 7:    How do I capture names/e-mail addresses of blog visitors?
Question 8:    How to prevent business blog from becoming boring and mundane.
Question 9:    How to do the least expensive advertising on the web

How to Write Quality Content – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this show, I discuss some of the things you need to understand in order to write quality content.  Content is the one thing on the web that will make or break your success on the Internet.  The more quality content you have, the better your results are in marketing your web presence.  I cover the basic understanding of content and quality content in this episode of the show.  Read on to find the answers to the following:

Question 1:    Why is writing quality content so important
Question 2:    What is quality content according to SEO standards
Question 3:    What are the steps to writing quality content
Question 4:    What are some of the mistakes to avoid in writing quality content
Question 5:    How can you find out more about your audience
Question 6:    How do you maintain fresh content over time?
Question 7:    How do you write content for websites that get traffic
Question 8:    What are some other tips for writing quality content?

How to Generate Revenue from Your Web Presence – Internet Business Strategies Show

There are over 11 different ways in which a website owner can generate revenue from their web presence.  On this show, we discussed some of these ways, and in which situations implementing some revenue streams would make sense over implementing other revenue streams.  The importance of being able to take your website and generate revenue from it is huge because you would be creating an asset that will live on and on to create additional revenue streams for your business in slow times.  Using the multiple streams of income concept whenever possible, especially residual streams of income, all increases your chances of success.

In this episode, we answer the following questions:

Question 1:    Why would someone want to generate revenue through their web presence
Question 2:    What are the 2 kinds of revenue someone can generate revenue from
Question 3:    Which one should entrepreneurs focus on?
Question 4:    How can a squeeze page help you generate revenue?
Question 5:    Can you generate revenue if you don’t have a blog?
Question 6:    Can you generate revenue if you don’t have a website?
Question 7:    Can you use more than one site to generate revenue?

Listen in for these answers.

Also, go to our workshops to see webinars for January.

Repurposing Your Ebook Content – Internet Business Strategies Show

Your biggest online asset is your content.  When you write articles, blog posts or especially ebooks, then you can find additional ways to use this content to generate another revenue stream for your online business.  Being able to recycle and repurpose your content gives you more opportunities to create more traffic to you site as well as create revenue streams from affiliate marketing, generating leads and ad revenue.  In this episode, we answered the following questions:

Question 1:    Why would you want to turn your ebook into a website
Question 2:    What kinds of ebooks does this process work best with?
Question 3:    What are the steps to convert the website
Question 4:    Do you want to copy the entire ebook to the web site?
Question 5:    What format is best? (plain HTML or blog format?)
Question 6:    How can you monetize the website?
Question 7:    How do you market your new content site?

For updates on upcoming educational webinars, go to the following  Internet Business Training Programs.

How to Start an Internet Business – Internet Strategy Show

In this show, we interview Nima Mousavizadeh who has helped out on the show these last few months.  He and his partners also have their own Internet business in which he shares his secret on how to create a powerful Internet business via selling information products.  He goes through the important steps that will put you on the successful track of creating information products.  He also has a great interest in public speaking as well, which gives him an interesting perspective on how to connect with your target audience.

Listen in as we discuss the answers to the following questions.

Question 1: What is the first step to creating an internet business?
Question 2: How do our listeners know whether there is an online market for their business idea?
Question 3: Does your perspective on this info bring anything new to the online market? Do you have the creativity, or the niche experience to brainstorm a new angle on this specialized information?
Question 4: Do you have an ability and/or motivation to research difficult to find specialized information?
Question 5: What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned that you can share with our listeners?
Question 6: What is a Sales Copy?

Listen in to the recording to the show and get the answers to these questions.

The Success Formula – Internet Business Strategies Show

This week, I discussed the “Success Formula” and how it relates to your business success.  It doesn’t matter what kinds of techniques and strategies you have if you don’t use the Success Formula on them.  That is what will make them work.  As the Robert Burns saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry”.  This is what happens when the Success Formula isn’t used with your plans.  I discuss in detail what this formula entails.  You will want to listen in as well as visit the above link that also discusses this concept.

On the show, I cover:

Question 1:    What does success begin with
Question 2:    Principle 1
Question 3:    Principle 2
Question 4:    Principle 3
Question 5:    The last thing you need for complete success

Article Marketing through Article Directory Submission – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this episode, I discuss the power of article marketing and how it is enhanced through article directory submission and the use of article submission services.  Article marketing can produce very effective results in the search engines when it is used correctly.  I cover some of the ins and outs of making your marketing efforts pay off and what to look for when you are choosing directories to submit to.  I cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    How can article marketing benefit you
Question 2:    What are some of the different ways article marketing can be done
Question 3:    With so many of them on the internet, how do you know which directories are worth your time to submit to?
Question 4:    How do you know what to write about
Question 5:    What is an article submission service
Question 6:    What are the different kinds of article submission services and what are the benefits of each?
Question 7:    How can article submission services benefit you?
Question 8:    What should you look for in an article submission service?

Listen in to the show to find the answers to these questions.

For those of you who want to find out more about quality article submission services, check out this
article submission service.

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