2 Website Marketing Techniques That You Should Automate

There are many kinds of website marketing techniques that are being recommended today, and some of them don’t

require much of your time while others require quite a bit of your time.  However first thing is first… don’t confuse marketing techniques with a marketing strategy.  A properly designed online marketing strategy incorporates a number of techniques which work together to reach an overall goal.  The reason I want to emphasize this point is that some people take one technique like Social Media Marketing and think that it is their marketing strategy.  No, Social Media Marketing is just one technique that should fit into an overall plan that is designed to bring an overall goal into fruition, such as an increase in the number of leads you get from your web presence.

Now that you know that your social media activity is only a part of your entire online strategy and that it doesn’t replace you online marketing strategy, how can you add another marketing component to your Internet business strategy without getting overwhelmed? The answer is simple.  Using appropriate automation techniques will allow you to do more with less effort.

Below are some marketing automation techniques that will save you a lot of time in your marketing efforts.

1) Automated Blog & Social Media (SM) Integration

One technique that does bring more traffic to your website is to publish your blog postings to all of your social media sites.  This can obviously be done automatically by the typical cut and paste […]

Integrating Your Social Media Sites with Your Business Website

Even though social media has grown in significance, and it has now become a necessary part of a businesses’ online strategy, it should not completely replace the traditional methods of online marketing.  Social media has an important role in creating relationships, building brand and customer confidence in your business, product, or service.  For most businesses, your website is still the main place where you would convert your prospects and network friends into customers.

You also want to keep in mind that you still want to spend your marketing dollars building up your own online asset (your website) instead of another’s online asset (your social networking sites).  If you spend your efforts and energy promoting your Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube channel, in lieu of your own website, then you are putting your online presence at risk.  If one of your social network sites closes down, or your account gets deleted, then you lose your main means of marketing your business online.   Keeping the marketing focus on your own website allows you to maintain control of your online marketing.

That being said, how does the ever busy entrepreneur keep the appropriate level of focus on their own website while taking advantage of their social media networks to increase product or service awareness and create more clients and customers from this integration?

Well the first step is to be clear on what the focus is for each one.  Use your social media accounts to generate awareness for your business and services and then use your website to convert them into sales and new clients.

Your social media traffic is different than the majority of your other traffic sources because it is what is considered warm traffic.  These visitors already […]

Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

In this episode, Grandma Mary and I discuss Twitter and how it can help your business.  In the world of social media, we have to go where our clients are, and learn how to connect with them there.  Listeners learned how to find followers and what to tweet about.  Other topics such as what are good twitter tools and how to make the time spent on twitter effective and how to track that effectiveness.  Other questions that were answered include:

Question 1: What is Twitter?
Question 2: Should I sign up for Twitter?
Question 3: What is a Twitter “Strategy”?
Question 4: How do find Followers?
Question 5: What should I tweet?
Question 6: How long should I spend on Twitter each day?
Question 7: How do I automate Twitter?
Question 8: What are some other good Twitter tools?
Question 9: How do I track my effectiveness on Twitter?

B’s bytes covered an answer in regards to some online social media tactics, and having your social networking profiles set up appropriately and other tips on this question.
Grandma Wary will have a Twitter book and a Facebook book just released. “How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business” “How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business” Totally up-to-date information, quick and easy way to get started with lots of step-by-step instructions and screenshots. You can purchase the ebook from here: How to use twitter to […]

The Power of Social Media in Marketing Your Business

Grandma Mary’s slightly cranky, but no-nonsense presentation tells us how to use social media effectively so it actually produces results for us.  Linked In, Twitter and Facebook are the web 2.0 sites that were most discussed on the show.

She will be giving a teleseminar along with B. Hopkins on how to create more leads to your website using social network.  Here is a link to the Internet Business teleseminar

Here are some of the questions that we  put to her:

Question 1: Is Social Media a waste of time?
Question 2: How do I get started?
Question 3: Do I have to use Twitter?
Question 4: Should I use a Facebook Fan Page, user page or Group for my business?
Question 5: My business is local, how can I benefit?
Question 6: How are businesses like mine using social media?
Question 7: How do I find followers/fans/subscribers?
Question 8: How do I get more traffic?
Question 9: Do I have to have my own blog? Multimedia blogs
Question 10: I’m overwhelmed, what do I do?

Grandma Mary

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