In this episode, Grandma Mary and I discuss Twitter and how it can help your business.  In the world of social media, we have to go where our clients are, and learn how to connect with them there.  Listeners learned how to find followers and what to tweet about.  Other topics such as what are good twitter tools and how to make the time spent on twitter effective and how to track that effectiveness.  Other questions that were answered include:

Question 1: What is Twitter?
Question 2: Should I sign up for Twitter?
Question 3: What is a Twitter “Strategy”?
Question 4: How do find Followers?
Question 5: What should I tweet?
Question 6: How long should I spend on Twitter each day?
Question 7: How do I automate Twitter?
Question 8: What are some other good Twitter tools?
Question 9: How do I track my effectiveness on Twitter?

B’s bytes covered an answer in regards to some online social media tactics, and having your social networking profiles set up appropriately and other tips on this question.
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