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Top 3 Tips For Writers To Generate Income

Content, especially original content is gold on the Internet, however, if you don’t know what to do with that content, you won’t be able to use it to generate additional revenue streams for your business.  There are many traditional writers out there who are very frustrated with how the Internet has changed their livelyhood.  They are now competing with writers who are willing to write for free and are slowly seeing their means of getting paid to do writing (especially providing content for online media sources such as blogs and other online publications) quickly diminishing.  That way of making a living is going the way of the dinosaur in most cases.  Sure, there are still some opportunities available for the traditional paid writing gigs, but they are not as prevalent as they used to be, and the pay isn’t what it used to be either.

So what is a writer to do?  A writer (a good writer especially) doesn’t realize that they are a walking gold mine unto themselves, and even though their original means of making a living are disappearing, new ways of making a living have sprung up that actually provide much greater potential in revenue.   There is one major reason for this increase in potential.  That reason is due to the fact that as a writer, you no longer have to exchange hours of your writing for dollars.  Let’s face it, with the traditional methods, you would get paid per job.  You can only do so many jobs because there are only so many hours in a day.  An enterprising writer could use interns to expand their job capacity, however if you are your brand, you put that at risk by […]

Internet Strategy Tips for More Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website is not about a tactic, or an activity… it is about an overall Internet strategy.  There are many ways to get traffic to your website and many

different kinds of traffic as well to send to your website as well.  Before you begin your journey of getting more traffic to your website, you will need to be clear about who you are marketing to and how you intend to get your web presence out there in the Internet.

1) Keywords for SEO traffic:

When you understand your target market, you will know the keywords that they are using to try to find you and your products or services.  This is one of the most important yet basic pieces of your online strategy.  Knowing your target market to this degree will give you the ability to not only know things like the keywords, but also knowledge like how much your target market will be willing to pay for your products and services, and what kinds of value propositions that would get them to buy… but I digress.

2) Know which social networking mediums your target market hangs out on:

You need to get your website in front of your target market.  The popularity of social media means that there is a good chance that your target market is on one or more of the social media platforms.  You will also need to understand how your target market would tend to use this social media platform so you can know which marketing tactics, if any, will be effective on this social media platform. […]

Answer Your Internet Business Questions Day – Internet Business Strategies Show

Today’s episode covers general questions that I have received from customers or web visitors relating on creating a powerful web presence.   The questions range from social media, to article marketing, to traffic generation techniques to web conversion and more.  The topic of Internet Business Strategies is a large one and can involve many aspects, yet each one is important in creating the road-map of what needs to be done to get a web presence from point A to point B.

Listen in as you get the answers to the following questions.

Question 1:    I want to learn more linkedin
Question 2:    How to write a good call to action and How often to submit articles?
Question 3:    How can I implement videos, .mp3s and advertising on my WordPress site.
Question 4:    How to get customers to order from your site.
Question 5:    Top search engine ranking followed by getting visitors to the site.
Question 6:    how to establish credibility online and getting the target audience to the website?
Question 7:    How do I capture names/e-mail addresses of blog visitors?
Question 8:    How to prevent business blog from becoming boring and mundane.
Question 9:    How to do the least expensive advertising on the web

Article Marketing through Article Directory Submission – Internet Business Strategies Show

In this episode, I discuss the power of article marketing and how it is enhanced through article directory submission and the use of article submission services.  Article marketing can produce very effective results in the search engines when it is used correctly.  I cover some of the ins and outs of making your marketing efforts pay off and what to look for when you are choosing directories to submit to.  I cover the answers to the following questions:

Question 1:    How can article marketing benefit you
Question 2:    What are some of the different ways article marketing can be done
Question 3:    With so many of them on the internet, how do you know which directories are worth your time to submit to?
Question 4:    How do you know what to write about
Question 5:    What is an article submission service
Question 6:    What are the different kinds of article submission services and what are the benefits of each?
Question 7:    How can article submission services benefit you?
Question 8:    What should you look for in an article submission service?

Listen in to the show to find the answers to these questions.

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The Power of Article Submission Services

Article marketing is a powerful way to enhance your online exposure, grow your mailing list, increase your traffic and raise your sales.  However it only works if it is followed consistently and has an effective strategy behind it.  In this episode, I discuss article submission services, and their importance in your internet business strategy planning.  Listen in as I answer the following questions:

Question 1:    What is an Article Submission Service
Question 2:    What kind of Article Submission Services are available
Question 3:    What is the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service?
Question 4:    What can an article submission services do for you?
Question 5:    What should you look for in an article submission service?
Question 6:    How else can you enhance your article submissions?
Question 7:    What can these services cost?
Question 8:    Whats most important?
Question 9:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?
Question 10:    When is an Article Submission Service not a good idea for your buisenss
Question 11:    How does article writing circumvent advertising spending?
Question 12:    What is the difference between Blogging and Article writing?

One of the article submission services mentioned was:

Submit your articles


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How to repurpose your web content

This show covered how you can take an article and then get valuable use out of it by creating a number of different types of web content offerings from it.  For example, an article can turn into a blog posting, a podcast, a video, an ebook (several articles) and even a webinar or teleseminar.  Understanding the progression of how you can re-purpose your content can really open things up for your online presence.

In addition to discussing the content repurpose process, I also gave answers to the following:

Question 1:    What is Web Content
Question 2:    What does it mean to repurpose it
Question 3:    What are some of the different ways to repurpose it
Question 4:    What is a good repurposing strategy
Question 5:    How do you deal with the reality B that there has been so much crap being sold on the Internet that now most people percive that everything is crap?
Question 6:    How do we find out what people want to hear and how they want to hear it vs the experts deciding on what they think their customers want to hear and how they want to hear it?
Question 7:    would you need a team to do all this b because no one person can do all this

Listen in for more.

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How to Use Articles to Build Your Email List

In this show Steve Shaw of Submit Your Article and I discuss the tactic of using articles to build your emails list.  There were some very good tips that were included in what you should do with your articles and how you should incorporate them into your web site to get the maximum effectiveness for building your mailing list.  Here are the questions that we answered on the show:

Question 1:    What are the main benefits of article marketing to an online business?
Question 2:    For the sake of our listeners who are new to article marketing can you explain how article marketing works?
Question 3:    Can you explain what makes a good article and how they should write articles?
Question 4:    So how often should business owners be posting articles into the article directories and how many article submission sites should they be using?
Question 5:    Can you explain the importance of keyword research for article marketing?
Question 6:    What’s a ‘resource box’ or ‘bio box’, and how should one be constructed for maximum benefit?
Question 7:    What are your main top tips for great article marketing?
Question 8:    How can articles be used specifically to build your email list?
Question 9:    Articles can take a lot of work to produce, especially on a consistent basis – can you explain how business owners can maximize the value they get from each article they write?
Question 10:    How does help business owners maximize the results they achieve through article marketing?
Question 11:    how to start w/ writing an article
Question 12:    how do you keep the material fresh?
Question 13:    is one artical per month on a site really enough?

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How to Market with Articles

In this radio show, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to market with articles.  There is a strategy that you need to follow to get the most out of your article marketing efforts.  I have used articles for many different purposes, from promoting affiliate products to, branding, and link building.

Here are the questions that I covered in this weeks episode.

Question 1: ID legit and credible ways to submit “self-produced” articles ID the BEST article automation tool
Question 2: With so many of them on the net, how do you know which directories are worth your time to submit to?
Question 3: how many directories should we submit to?
Question 4: How Many Article Should I write A Day
Question 5: There is a balance of time in sales that must be spent on direct revenue-producing activities vs. marketing and management of the business. How often does one need to write articles to be successful i
Question 6: How can I ensure that my article comes on page#1 of search engines?
Question 7: How can you ensure grabbing attention with articles.
Question 8: Is there a truly automated submission software. I hate joining up to all the article sites. most software boasts many directories 2k plus but to join all you would lose the will to live
Question 9: How do you create enough content for a article that is unique and different?

Listen in to find the answers to these questions.

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Article Marketing – How It Can Supercharge Your Web Presence

This weeks show dealt with the concept of article marketing.  Article marketing is one of the hidden, oldies but goodies method of getting more exposure for your web site.  Some things will always work and never go out of style no matter the new things that come out on the Internet.  This show we discussed:

  • What is article marketing?
  • Why you would want to use article marketing.
  • What are the important sections of an article and why they are important
  • How to find out what to write about
  • Ways to structure your article that will improve your results.

Listen in for the answers in this podcast episode

The Power of Article Marketing & Using The Right Strategy

A brief blog about article marketing and my results with it.  Most people don’t get article marketing to work for them because they lose patience with it long before it can become effective.  In an experiment I did with a travel niche, I had written some original articles that were keyword focused, and used an article submitter service to distribute them to the different article directories.

I was looking at the traffic stats for my travel niche website and I happened to follow a link from one of the referral links to see where the visitor had come from.

Lo and behold, the page that visitor came from had a section that was an rss feed display of a specific keyword  search, and  the results in that feed were astonishing….  Out of the 8 results in that feed, 4 of them were articles that I had written.  How powerful is that?  The feed on that page was created from the top results of a search, that my article marketing did very well in!

Not only that, some of those results were of the same article.  How is that for the power of article marketing when you do it correctly!

On to more testing!