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Internet Strategy Tips for More Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website is not about a tactic, or an activity… it is about an overall Internet strategy.  There are many ways to get traffic to your website and many

different kinds of traffic as well to send to your website as well.  Before you begin your journey of getting more traffic to your website, you will need to be clear about who you are marketing to and how you intend to get your web presence out there in the Internet.

1) Keywords for SEO traffic:

When you understand your target market, you will know the keywords that they are using to try to find you and your products or services.  This is one of the most important yet basic pieces of your online strategy.  Knowing your target market to this degree will give you the ability to not only know things like the keywords, but also knowledge like how much your target market will be willing to pay for your products and services, and what kinds of value propositions that would get them to buy… but I digress.

2) Know which social networking mediums your target market hangs out on:

You need to get your website in front of your target market.  The popularity of social media means that there is a good chance that your target market is on one or more of the social media platforms.  You will also need to understand how your target market would tend to use this social media platform so you can know which marketing tactics, if any, will be effective on this social media platform. […]

Is Your Web Presence Road Kill on the Information Superhighway?

Let’s face it…. Long gone are the days when you could launch a website, do some occasional blogging or random marketing and expect to see a decent amount of traffic from your inconsistent efforts.  It worked in the early days however now when it comes to the Internet and getting your web presence to effectively bring in clients and customers, you need to have a strategy in place that will allow your efforts to continually build upon each other to create an effective marketing tool for your business.

So what is Internet road kill?  For the most part, it’s a revenue generating website doesn’t fulfill it’s intended purpose.  If you have a website intending to create more business and it isn’t doing so, then it’s Internet road kill.  Your website traipsed upon the information superhighway and got run over by the machinations of the Internet.  The good news is that unlike real road kill, you can bring your website back from the dead.

So what are some of the things you can do to resurrect your website to something more than a post-apocalyptic reanimated mindless flesh-eating zombie drone?  (How marginally clever!  I put website and zombie in the same sentence without it referring to a website about zombies).  Implementing the following 3 tips will put you on the right track and can raise your website up from the remnants of a 7 day old squashed animal carcass baking on the asphalt of a hot summer day.

1)   Strengthen your website’s connection to your target market

Are you still connecting strongly to your target market?  As your business grows and changes/expands/contracts, your target market can change as well.  What […]

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Online Business Strategies – How Does Your Website Maintenance Fit In?

Sometimes the best blog posts are stories that illustrate a point.  Well this one is one of those posts.  I am sharing this with you from a story I heard and realized the importance and how it could have been prevented.  So if this post saves only 1 person from  potential loss of online business, then I’ve done my job.

An Internet Business Strategy not only includes how to build business from your website, but how to maintain your website through upgrades as well as your exit strategy.  How do you exit yourself from an established website that is earning revenue for your business?  These stages are just as important, if not more than building up your website.

Maintenance as far as this post is concerned includes content management (blogging goes under this), upgrading software, changing the branding/look and feel of the website, and adding new features to the website.  Each of these situations should be implemented via a well thought out strategy and business process.  It can be very simple and as easily documented via a spreadsheet of a Word document, but it is followed religiously.

In the case of updating your website or changing your website platform, (say from a static website to a wordpress website) you will need to have the following or a similar strategy in place before you make any updates.

  • Coordinate the list of  your service providers whether internal or external….  Web hosting, web developer, online business strategist consultant, SEO consultant, marketing consultants, graphic designers, and social media consultants.
  • Document in detail, the desired changes you want to make on your website, and how you will make them.
  • Send these changes to your service providers and ask them how these changes might effect how […]

Web Conversion – What is Missing?

One of the biggest factors that determine the success rate of your web conversion is do your visitors feel like you can help them or solve their problems?  If they feel connected enough to the message you have on your web site then they will follow the call to action.  If they don’t feel connected, then they won’t follow the call to action.  Pretty simple.

There is one factor that will also determine if you web site is connecting to your visitors…  That is having the right visitors in the first place.  Pre-qualifying your traffic is something that most people don’t think about.  They focus mostly on getting as much traffic to their website as possible but they don’t focus as much on how relevant is that traffic to their website?  Remember, not everyone is your client.  The more specialized you are, the more you can charge.  The “less is more” concept totally fits this situation.

I’ll give you an example….  a friend of mine, who focuses on teaching people to connect to their love so they can live the life they dream about, years ago had the domain name  She was getting a lot of traffic but no one as calling her up.  Well it turns out that attracted the crowd of people who were into S&M and bondage.  Well, not really her target market was it?  Needless to say, that was why her conversion rate was so abysmal.  Putting more focus on targeting your traffic will have a phenomenal impact on your website’s conversion success.

What are some ways to really target your traffic?  Stick to relevant websites that are related to your target.  SEO is also a very effective means of generating […]

Common Mistakes Entepreneurs Make on Their Web Site

On this show, Stephanie Morgan of CID and I discuss some of the common mistakes that business owners make with their web presence.  It ranges from design to all kinds of other things such as  the search engine optimization they could be taking advantage of to how they design their website and the content they put on their web site. The good news is that many of these mistakes can be corrected very easily.  On this show, we discuss some things that you can do today to begin to make a difference in your web site’s effectiveness.  The questions and the answers to those questions that we covered include:

Question 1:    Why should I have a professional create my website vs using a web builder tool?
Question 2:    How does improper navigation or bad site planning affect the effectiveness of a website?
Question 3:    How do you capture the information from visitors to your site? And why is this important?
Question 4:    What is a website analytic tool? Why do I need it and how often should I check it?
Question 5:    What are some of the things I can do to boost my online marketing? (use keywords and research them using a tool… ranked to low- no one will see site, ranked to high – to much competition; social m
Question 6:    Video, has become popular these days. Why should I use it and it is it for me? (people see video first, so if a competitor has a video, they will be more likely to be seen first)

There were more, but you have to listen to discover what they are…  It’s worth taking a listen to discover them.

Setting Up Your Web Site as an Internet Business

In this show, we discuss the different aspects of setting your website up as a business and approaching your whole web presence as an asset that you can make residual revenue from.  Most people who start up web sites don’t have this in mind.  The topics we covered included:

Question 1: Why is it important to set my web site up as a business? What if I just want an online brochure?
Question 2: Why is it important to automate?
Question 3: What can I automate
Question 4: Why is it important to create systems
Question 5: What kinds of systems should I create for my internet presence
Question 6: What can I leverage with my web site?

Listen in for the answers to these questions and more…

How to protect your search engine rankings

If you have a web site that you have been maintaining and updating on a consistent basis for several years, chances are, you have acquired some decent traffic from the search engines. The thing that most webmasters don’t consider is that once they have that search engine traffic, it doesn’t mean it will stay forever. There are things that can happen with your web site that can cause it to drop out of the search engine rankings. So what is a web master to do in order to keep their search engine rankings?

Some very legitimate high quality sites are being hurt by some of the actions taken by the search engines to ban the spammy sites created by less than above-board webmasters. There are some things a webmaster can do to reduce their chances of their legitimate site being mistaken for a spam site.

1) Take care in who you are linking to on your website.

While it is good to have links that are helpful to your web visitors, you need to be careful who you are linking to. If you […]